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29 August 2009

Going On 52 But Juveniles Still .... Aug 29, 2009

I'm no politician - Thankfully!! but still many nights I cannot go to sleep with a conscience that is clear because I feel I could have done somethings better.

I really begin to wonder what their secret is - to be so evil and vile and hurt so many people with their little games calculated to incite anger and suspicion and repulsion towards each other.

We may be going into 52 years of independence from the British but if we decided to keep anything from the colonials is the 'Divide and Rule' policy. Keep everyone in their little separate cages and feed them what will invoke the right responses so that we can then say - See, our policies are the best the way they are, giving equality and freedom of expression creates chaos.

Then our politicians can sit back smile smugly and thank Pavlov for ringing bells to dogs conditioning then to react to certain bits of information - bell ringing=food. (read: Pavlovian Conditioning)

Well after you see this clip you will wonder what is becoming of this place you call home.

Errr where was the FRU and tear gas and water cannons? Where was the infamous PDRM?? Why aren't there arrests and ISA slapped on immediately. Will the kids seen the video be taken to task and their parents too???

Police say they cannot do anything because there is no report. Hahahahaahah am laughing my ass off here. Did the Makkal Sakti walks and the Hindraf boys have a chance?? Nooooooooo of course not here in Malaysia if you're backed by the government anything you do is A-ok!!

I am still sickened by this whole thing like I am sickened by the MACC role in Teoh's death and sickened with how the Mongolian blowup case went ... I am just thoroughly sickened by this country's corrupt greedy politicians.

And now anything I write might be deemed seditious because in the end, if the manage to cull the thoughts of thinking rational people, they can do whatever they want with the half-baked moron they use for such despicable acts.

Malaysia you might be 52 years independent and 46 years as a nation but you still have learnt nothing of respecting your people whose blood and sweat and love for this place we call home has helped build you up. Forget not the people who shared in your dream - today you are telling them dreams are bullshit, we hold the reigns of power, we will do as we please.

The rakyat is nothing but a rhetoric used to try and win elections - but alas the rakyat is also now thinking about who we should really want to be leading us.

Perhaps the Rakyat will finally speak up and change will come. I hope you have enough funds siphoned out and stashed to keep you going once you find Malaysia no longer wants you here!

I mourn for my country. And I am negative in my outlook - just take a clear headed view of what is happening everyday all around and you might be at least compelled to take your lazy butts down to the SPR to register as a voter and make a difference. PRU 13 - we must speak louder as a people of Malaysia. We must shake UMNO so bad that they crumble and fall and then only will Malaysia really and truly begin to be the Malaysia we all want to live in.

Register as a voter and make a difference - speak up for your right as a Malaysian.

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Anba said...

hai akka...
ever since the perak fiasco..having seen a person you voted personally being forcefully removed form his seat. i have no faith in voting system anymore