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5 August 2008

Malaysian Are You Registered?? Aug 05, 2008

My very politically ticked off possibly Anwarista buddy anfielddevotee has decided that in view of the PKR advisor's sure winning the By Elections in Permatang Pauh, all Malaysians should be called upon to be prepared for as he puts it Snap Elections i.e. meaning that with Anwar's win (if he doesn't win, I can then guess what next will happen in the merry accusation exchange games that's on-going), the entire BN coalition is going to witness a mass party crossover thus literally handing over Malaysia to the new era under the leadership of near cult status Anwar ...

Oooooooooookkkkaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! anfielddevotee is likely to pass through my page and then hurl insults at me for having absolutely no focus or perspective of the future of Malaysia (ahem, I ask you to refrain from that on my blog ya!)

However, I am 100% behind anfielddevotee in his call to the eligible voting Malaysian to please register yourself and ensure that you are correctly recorded for the constituency that you will be voting in. If like myself you've not updated this (am planning to go if I have time this Thursday to update my voting constituency), due to circumstances you have moved, and going to your registered constituency to cast your vote is NOT YOUR cup of teh tarik, I suggest going into the nearest SPR office and updating it ASAP.

Can't hurt to be registered - it's free and it's part of your responsibility as a Malaysian to cast a vote in deciding who has Parliamentary majority and thus who calls the shots for how this country should move forward.

Once you've registered, check online to ensure your details and your voting area is correct. But when you go to register - make sure you've read this guidelines first ... How To Register.

Now it's really up to you. I voted in the 11th and 12th GE and I made my contribution to what I thought was how I wanted to move forward. My dreams for an equal footing Bangsa Malaysia might still be a long way off but at least I take responsibility for my actions and their outcomes.

Be truly a Malaysian and register yourself as a voter. The future of Malaysia is in your hands and change we aspire for begins with ourselves. Leave apathy to Malaysian politics behind, use that God given brain and think and decide wisely on how to achieve a Malaysia we can all be proud of.

Remember ya .... "marilah mari, pergi mengundi, jangan lupa kewajipan, pada negara".

You register then get your friends to register too ... a small exercise for our collective better tomorrows. Government or Opposition make your vote count.