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26 February 2009

Air Fresheners - Health Compromisers ... Feb 26, 2009

I was talking to some friends the other day and someone mentioned being allergic to air fresheners which got me thinking I have to see if there's really such a thing.

What I found out was well more than just there IS such a thing as being allergic to air fresheners - there are devastating results to prolonged exposure as well.

It was then interesting find that some air freshener manufacturers actually admit that their products may cause cancer.

Have you been exposing your family and loved ones to this silent killers?

Amongst some of the symptoms found as a result of long exposure to air fresheners are
1. respiratory problems and headaches
2. increase in asthmatic attacks
3. chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases like emphysema and bronchitis.
4. increased fatigue and dizziness
5. odd behavior as a result of neurotoxity

The American Lung Association also points out “Some people with these diseases are exquisitely sensitive to anything in the air that’s not natural and will develop allergic-type reactions.”

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And imagine the amount of non-biodegradable containers we contribute to killing our environment as well when these containers are done with.

The Malaysian Department of Occupational Safety (DOSH) was in the papers this morning - I guess this must be an increasing problem if DOSH is asking for employees to make reports (read here)

Anyways, I always believe better safe than sorry, so maybe you might want to rethink over-doing making your house smell all sweet and nice like :)) ... it could be killing you slowly but surely.

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