Why I Write ...

Purely as a form of expression to the emotions that run riot in my life at different junctures. This blog has seen several title revisions that also reflect the state of being and evolution I am constantly in. If one were to remain stagnant in hope of never changing their temporal present, one will awaken someday to much regret. Life is about living, evolving and adapting to the constant changes all around us.

My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

Happy trails

27 February 2009

Distant Dreamer - Duffy ... Feb 27, 2009

Dedicated to all those who mean the world to me .... I hope you like this song.

When I heard this song, it kinda said everything I was feeling. And I wanted to share it with all the who have dreams in our hearts. Especially with my brother and sister who have been my pillars and continue to be so. My parents and my daughters and to all those all over the world - you make me smile in my darkest moments and you give my dreams hopes and wings to fly ... and to a friend I know who is having some hard times too and has decided that to be a 'macho muniandy' all on their own ... Don't stop dreaming my friend.

Much love and hugs to all - happy weekend ...

Although you think I cope,

my head is filled with hope...
of some place other than here.

Although you think I smile,
inside all the while...
I'm wondering about my destiny.

I'm thinking about,
all the things,
I'd like to do in my life.

I'm a dreamer,
a distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope, from today.

Even when you see me frown,
my heart won't let me down,
because I know there's better things to come (Woah Yeah).

And when life gets tough,
I feel I've had enough,
I hold on to a distant star,

I'm thinking about,
all the things,
I'd like to do in my life...

I'm a dreamer,
A distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope from today.

I'm a dreamer,
A distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope from today.

Yeah, I'm a dreamer


I'm a dreamer,
a distant dreamer,
dreaming for hope from today,

Yeah i'm a dreamer...


I'm a dreamer

26 February 2009

Air Fresheners - Health Compromisers ... Feb 26, 2009

I was talking to some friends the other day and someone mentioned being allergic to air fresheners which got me thinking I have to see if there's really such a thing.

What I found out was well more than just there IS such a thing as being allergic to air fresheners - there are devastating results to prolonged exposure as well.

It was then interesting find that some air freshener manufacturers actually admit that their products may cause cancer.

Have you been exposing your family and loved ones to this silent killers?

Amongst some of the symptoms found as a result of long exposure to air fresheners are
1. respiratory problems and headaches
2. increase in asthmatic attacks
3. chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases like emphysema and bronchitis.
4. increased fatigue and dizziness
5. odd behavior as a result of neurotoxity

The American Lung Association also points out “Some people with these diseases are exquisitely sensitive to anything in the air that’s not natural and will develop allergic-type reactions.”

For some additional reading you might like to check these links out
And imagine the amount of non-biodegradable containers we contribute to killing our environment as well when these containers are done with.

The Malaysian Department of Occupational Safety (DOSH) was in the papers this morning - I guess this must be an increasing problem if DOSH is asking for employees to make reports (read here)

Anyways, I always believe better safe than sorry, so maybe you might want to rethink over-doing making your house smell all sweet and nice like :)) ... it could be killing you slowly but surely.

Added on 27th Feb

More links to read if you like:

25 February 2009

BFM - The Business Station - Feb 25, 2009

I'm sold on Mix.fm in the mornings and THR Gegar in the nights because I like Hindi Power songs - heeheheh such a pansy in the taste of music ... I know I know **sigh** - ain't no music critique anything goes depending on my mood. And after a stressful day or in a stressful drive to work - it's always good to hear a bit of frivolous banter with the occasional nuggets.

Then one evening, stuck on the Federal Highway, I was mucking about looking to sample other radio stations. And I tried a few even the vernacular ones and was like triple that SIGH please ... when I accidentally heard English, and heard some song I'd never heard on the radio in a long long time - it suddenly made me feel 18 and carefree again.

Looked at the station - 89.9FM hmmmmm interesting. So I hung on. Am not a terribly business savvy or interested in stocks and bullish or bearish state of the market. All I am interested in is can I stress my RM a little bit more till the end of the month.

But I have to admit, aside from the music - which I have to say is really good varied selection that appeals to the closer to 40 30 something I am. Also the various segments I catch throughout the day with interviews with authorities and market leaders has been very educational. I have access to information on investments and what one should look for and what one's goals are in making certain investments and which are safer, which are higher returns, what are the risks ... you know all that typical market talk but made closer to home with the very man on the street approach the DJ's have in trying make complicated subject matters chewable and digestible bits

I'd advocate you give it a listen. And they are looking for a news editor as well, who has the sharps about the economy, global markets and writes and edits succinct powerful servings of business news to give you that extra edge in facing these very trying economic times.

The other thing that struck me was that I think I felt like the listener was made to feel intelligent (hard to explain this here) as opposed to the empty celebrity type gossip we hear on every other young and happening station ... I really miss the days of good informative radio jockeys, the kind I grew up sneakily falling asleep with my walkman headphones on late late in the nights.

Their website is pretty simple at the moment - not sure if they have plans to make things more snazzy, but listening to BFM in the mornings and evenings of late, has spawned a radio station idea in my head - and I think this station could work. I have the idea, even the target market in mind and the some ideas on how to infuse fun into a subject matter that people try so hard to avoid.

Anyone want to talk to me? heheheheh ... unless you're serious about wanting to hear my idea, I ain't going to tell you what it is. I don't think there's any radio station in Malaysia currently addressing this angle. I will need to research it a bit to see if there's any such like around the world - it could be a first of sorts and if I've learnt anything from BFM it's to be innovative with ideas, and strike when the iron's hot before the copycats make 'origina' versions the kind you find in our 'pasar malam'.

So tune in and listen if you like music (I'd say it would appeal to the 35 above crowd), get business 'edumacated' and if you wanna ask me what my radio station idea is - give me a holler ...

Mid-week ... and looking forward to the weekend :))

18 February 2009

Have You Registered? ... Feb 18, 2009

To all Malaysian's who are 21 and above - have you registered yourself? If you haven't what's keeping you from doing it?

After all it's your duty to ensure you pick the right people to govern Malaysia in the future and put an end to all this racist, under-handed, dirty politics we are seeing of late.

Enough has been said blogwise about the recent unhappy developments in several Opposition held states. The most shocking being what has happened in Perak state. I am greatly disappointed in how the whole matter has been handled and slightly lost my sense of faith in the Ruler of that state ... not sure why and what has transpired - all I know is the Rakyat have been duped by the central government. It angers me!

Now the most recent involving the scandalous pictures of Bkt. Lanjan rep - it's despicable act of cowardise and malice from the party who exposed pictures taken in private compromising moments. You are scum of lowest level man and you will pay for your sins in time to come. What a severe blow to the position of women in the government to simply be derailed because their modesty and their name smeared by men who have no balls to accept that sometimes things JUST don't work out! Another disgusting display of how power corrupts.

Again I plead with you, make a difference. Impact the numbers where it matters. Choose people who are truly there to represent the Rakyat of Malaysia not their own little Swiss Accounts and Harems of Corrupts!

Read this link SPR -Register and Exercise Your Right! and make a difference to the Malaysia we call home. Be prepared at all times to go down to the 'battle field' and cast that single vote that could make a difference. NO MORE TIDAK APA ATTITUDE! Look where it's taken us in 51 years ... down the drain of corruption and social racial and economical divides that is not a representation of how great this country can really be.

Vote when it matters my dear Malaysians - you ARE the catalyst for change!

Think about - this is home no matter what you say, make it our slice of heaven, not living hell!

16 February 2009

Quirky Strange Moments - Feb 16, 2009

That’s all I can say to this particular instance.

Last Friday for lunch being my vegan day, my 2 colleagues and I decided to walk across to the Indian eatery across from our office. So off we trooped the 3 of us. I’m not a great fan of Indian food outside my home but on vegan days options are somewhat limited seeing where the office is situated and there’s no chance in hell of making it out and back within the one hour lunch window.

There was a leap for joy when I noted the selection of vegetarian dishes was rather substantial as opposed to what we had to put up with in the former cafeteria Indian joint – that auntie should close shop – she is a great contributor to high BP with her entire ocean worth of salt in the cooking. Plus non-vegan food found in supposedly vegetarian dishes.

So the meal went well. Chatting and eating. Food was surprisingly tasty – or at least the dishes I took were tasty. Then a quick check on the time SHITES!!! The hour is almost up. In my ‘vulnerable’ position in the company I decided let’s not push our arse luck here and tottered off to pay and scoot back.

And that’s when the quirky strange moment took place. As we were paying, the man behind the counter asked if we were from **so and so company** and we all nodded. Then he asked me you were in HICOM before weren’t you? I was like huh? And said yes I was … when he said I remember you. You used to come into my convenience store there every morning.

OHMYGOD!!!!! That was like what 1996 man and we moved out of that building sometime 1997. It’s now 2009 a good 12 years since … and the man remembers me??? Now if that’s not a quirky strange moment, I dunno what is.

I guess suffice to say .ani has not changed very much as far as appearance is concerned then ahahahha not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult but the fact remains someone I’d least expected to remember or recognize me (seeing as I had to stare him in the face for a bit to remember the chap seeing as he’s lost some hair, put on some pounds along the years) – whaddya know he did! I had to leave that place smiling. My colleague remarked you must really not have changed very much la …. I said I sure hope so .

Now there was another quirky strange moment which was Saturday night. I was home on the net. I was mucking about with this blog and my other online interactions, chatting with a friend in Bahrain, my sister in Italy when I noticed an entry into my blog. Oh a visitor! A visitor from Shanghai, China … hmmmmm interesting!

Now going from what I know this visitor is all likely my very estranged spouse. I have no friends in Shanghai, China, unless some very very distant Chinese relative I am unaware of was checking me out. Seeing as the entry was by searching for Anita George, Malaysia.

It felt kinda funny you know. Realising it could be Jacob. And here I was at the very same moment in the same time and space. The visitor was on my page for some 20 minutes I think and then headed off to the blog links of my daughters, and hung about for sometime there.

At one point I wanted to post something with the title My Online V-day Date With You ehehehhe or something to that effect and write something funny about the whole thing, but I figured knowing him, he’d get his boxers in a knot. It seems my very presence or acknowledgement that he is (sorry aaa you still are la!) my husband, upsets him and his little setup. Well ya, my bad for reminding you ehehehhe but its fact dear all fact you are still my spouse like it or not . Plus his significant other might not have liked such allusions so I skipped the thought – as mischievous as I am.

Anyhow, that was my Valentine day wrap up. Me sitting on my pc reading random topics that my “Stumble Upon” settings brought to me. Sporadically chatting with friends from all corners of the world if I felt like it. And eventually, crawling into bed after checking on my sleeping babies on last time and kissing their foreheads and sorta ‘imbibed’ by the smell that children have that makes mommy go all weak in the knees.

New week … am sure more quirky strange moments will present it self. But I think am always keen to take on what the world serves me and move along. Like I said never a dull moment in my life. If it’s not tragic, it’s comic. One helluva ride no less but it’s called living and I’m living it.

Happy week all …

14 February 2009

Ya atau Tidak ... Feb 14, 2009

You can ONLY answer Yes or No!

You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and Asks!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the Fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers and type in your answers.

Kissed any one of your Facebook friends? Yes
Been arrested? No
Kissed someone you didn't like? No
Slept in until 5 PM? Yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Held a snake? Yes
Ran a red light? Yes
Been suspended from school? No
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? No
Been fired from a job? Yes
Sang karaoke? Yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? No
Kissed in the rain? Yes
Sang in the shower? Yes
Sat on a rooftop? No
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? No
Broken a bone? No
Shaved your head? No
Blacked out from drinking? No
Played a prank on someone? Yes
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes
Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? No
Been in a band? No
Shot a gun? Yes
Tripped on mushrooms? No
Donated Blood? No
Eaten alligator meat? No
Eaten cheesecake? Yes
Still love someone you shouldn't? Yes
Think about the future? Yes
Believe in love? Yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes

Happy Valentine's .... Feb 14, 2009

HAPPY VALENTINE's everybody .... another annual coming and going of insane prices of everything deemed romantic :))

Boxer's in a knot boyfriends and husbands cracking their unimaginative skulls for ideas to romance their women ... if only they did it more often and consistently throughout the year, I can bet you that the significant other would be less critical of whatever you tried to get her on this annual day of mad display of love.

Having said that ... I'm sitting here on me laptop at 6pm when everyone else is likely getting ready to go out ... for a quiet dinner and/or movie, maybe there's flowers, perfume, little diamonds in a box and maybe even the odd over the top proposals on bended knee.

Stopped feeling sad and lonely and weepy some years back. Given up on my so called lost knight without his GPS - it's been so many years now, he'd find me with me angels and he might be a little turned off by that proposal. So yeah .ani is still yet loveless on this day of love professing. It's ok, gotten used to watching all the nutty displays and smiling to myself. Nice to know at least once a year people make the effort.

On FB, I saw a video made by a friend for his wifey. And I admit soppy romantic me cried. It might have been the song, it might have been the amazing pictures of his wife he'd put together or it might be the fact that I know and love them both immensely and such a lovely from the heart gift shared with people who know them to me was an interesting way to tell his wife 'I love you'.

People seem to need a reason to say those 3 little words. On any other given day, even though there are those who make the time and effort to tell those closest and dearest to our hearts we love them, most in general don't. We keep it aside, like an after thought to do it at a later date or time, usually under the auspice of birthdays, weddings, Christmas, New Year and Valentine.

If I remember correctly, whenever I've said I Love You Too, that's usually been the turning point in the relationship - they other person stops loving me - haahahahahahhaahah. So in some recent times I thought ok ok I won't say I love you anymore leave alone with the "Too" which incidently reflects that it was a response to someone else saying it first. Instead I might tell people I really cared about, I really like you, or even maybe I like you more than I should - it would seem that from statistics that it has just about the same effect as me responding I love you too.

So now .ani decides, other than my 2 angels, my immediate family i.e. parents, grandma, siblings and some really really really close and dear friends who do actually love me too, I ain't never going to say those words ever again. Even if I meet someone eventually (coz me meeting anyone I could want to fall hopelessly in love with is as distant a chance as Najib and Anwar being best friends! you know what I mean??) am just going to keep me trap shut, and pretend it ain't love I feel, and just let it go along unacknowledged. It's probably better just hanging abouts as friends platonic ones than ever telling anyone I care - it apparently scares the shits outta them and they disappear faster than I can blink.

So Valentine's comes and goes. It's never been an extra special day for me. Although in my soppiest of moments, I get all mushy and kinda wish I too would be surprised with flowers, nice dinners and maybe even a diamond or two - ahahahha yeah right!! Actually I am not at all that materialistic, just a simple I love you .ani and thank you for being in my life would make me all weak in the knees and oogly eyed ehehehehe - yeah am a really 'cheap date' - I remember Jacob saying that once and laughing about it ... not into all the fancy smancy type displays ... if it's from the heart, and I know it is ... it's something I carry for life.

Happy Valentine's everyone ... like the message I sent out late last night to friends :"May you always delight in the joy of loving and being loved" ... indeed may you always continue to love for it is a gift to be shared and given (as Woody reminded me in his reply text) and in return may you always be loved for the awesome person you are.

Love, Hugs and Kisses to everyone!
.ani the Valentine~less ehehhe (what a title!)

The 'A' List ... Feb 14, 2009

It's harder than it looks! Copy to the notes, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions, they have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any words twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun!

  1. What is your name: Anita
  2. A four letter word: Amok
  3. A boy's name: Andrew
  4. A girl's name: Ashna
  5. An occupation: Actor
  6. A color: Amber
  7. Something you wear: Amulets
  8. A food: Apricot
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Antiperspirant
  10. A place: Austria
  11. A reason for being late: Accident
  12. Something you shout: Asshole!
  13. A movie title: After Sunset
  14. Something you drink: Absolut Vodka
  15. A musical group: ABBA
  16. An animal: Aardvark
  17. A street name: Alor Street
  18. A type of car: Austin
  19. A song title: Annie's Song
  20. A verb: Appreciate
TAGGED: Anyone who wants to do this .... but on FB you're tagged if your name's on the list heheheheh

13 February 2009

One Word ... Feb 13, 2008

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to tag the person you received it from!

Feb. 13 ~ MYT 19:31

  1. Where is your cell phone? Nearby
  2. Your significant other? None
  3. Your hair? Curls
  4. Your mother? Stressed
  5. Your father? Grouchy
  6. Your favorite thing? Nature
  7. Your dream last night? None
  8. Your favorite drink? Gin
  9. Your dream/goal? Successful
  10. What room you are in? Den
  11. Your hobby? Writing
  12. Your fear? Failing
  13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Contented
  14. Where were you last night? Home
  15. Muffins? Pumpkin
  16. Wish list item? DSLR
  17. Where you grew up? Seremban
  18. Last thing you did? Drive
  19. What are you wearing? Clothes
  20. Your TV? On
  21. Your pets? None
  22. Friends? Loads
  23. Your life? Adventurous
  24. Your mood? Perplexed
  25. Missing someone? YES!!!
  26. Car? KIARio
  27. Something you're not wearing? Cosmetics
  28. Your favorite store? Bookstores
  29. Your favorite color? Rainbow
  30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
  31. Last time you cried? Today
  32. Who will resend this? Nazeen
  33. One place that I go to over and over? Work
  34. One person who emails me regularly? Veronica
  35. Favorite place to eat? TGIF
  36. Why you participated in this survey? Timepass
  37. What are you doing tonight? Nothing
  38. 3 people who mail me - Citibank, HSBC, Spammers
  39. 3 of my favorite foods - Indian, Chinese, Italian
  40. 3 places to be - Home, Varese, Family

10 February 2009

I Am Here ... Feb 10, 2009

Well it would seem to me that some people have too much time on their hands. Really now!! If you want to know what I am up to - call me and ask.

All this cloak and dagger searching for me and my girls over the net is really quite quite tiring. KL is a big place no doubts but me thinks I can narrow this down to some straw clutching people. There's nothing here for you to dig abouts for ... all the bodies are in your own backyard :)))))))

Now let's all get back to minding our own issues and leaving other people to get on with theirs .... AMEN!

7 February 2009

The Aftermath Of Charles ... Feb 07, 2009

Okaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am officially poorer now thanks to the hole Charles put in my pocket this last 4 weeks.

What did yesterday morning's fiasco cost me? RM472 to be exact. No simple clip to hold the hose deal ... NO WAY!

When Charles acts up, Charles REALLY ACTS UP ...

What then was the crisis causer? This is what the mechanic of a friend of mine whom I called in SOS said to me was the cause. The fan was not working - change fan and fan bracket ... about RM250 he said. After more digging around he calls me back no need to change fan, bracket needed to be changed and some wiring tinkling - saved me 100 bucks.

Next tragedy, radiator casing cracked - changed that 85 bucks.

Thermostat not working - change that another 75 bucks on the that ... me is thinking ok ok this getting painful now ...

Then 80 bucks on labour ... 28 bucks for the radiator cap and another 54 bucks for something I cannot remember what it was and the grand total to the hole in me tragically empty pocket was RM472.

I opened my wallet pulled out my budget for the month toll and petrol on cash basis and almost cried me a river ... just in the middle of Jan, Charles cost me RM1500 on brake discs pads pumps and a full on service and balancing and alignment ... - that itself was my entire months toll and petrol cost.

I think the relationship is breaking down .... or rather Charles is breaking down way way too often to give me any comfort level.

And although I'm a firm believer of death do us part .... I'd hate to end up dead because Charles blew up one fine day because something else in him kaput at the most in opportune moment (errrr for those wanting to get me out of the picture : DON'T EVEN THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH THIS DASTARDLY PLAN .... I got me ass covered good on this one, you'd be the first hauled up for questioning :)) ... no C4 Altantunya demise for me ahahahahah cos am a smart cookie :))

My dream car the Swedish hottie that believes in REVolvoLUTION is still not within my humble hands reach .... so I might have to settle for a Perodua or Proton .... cheaper spare parts and maintenance ... although I hear the Chevrolet is giving 9 years 0% interest installment and higher trade in ... I could trade Charles in for scrap metal I know being a Korean KIA ... absolutely worthless in the second hand car market in Malaysia.

I'll tell you this though ... the day I go my separate ways with Charles, I can bet you, I'll be wailing like I lost my best friend and lover - my man ... you know what I mean???? Charles and me, we been through alot these years since Sept03 .... and he's been there silent and embracing me in my lowest moments.

The countless teary sobbing wailing drives he's soothingly purred to as I tried to speed away my pains and worries. If anything, it is this bond of silence shared that makes me find all sorts of excuses why I won't change me Charles boy and I keep fixing him and spending a fortune on keeping him road worthy even when to all best intentions 270+K miles is a bit much for my boy in 65months of road use.

I am having an inner tussle now ... do I or don't I get a new car and start anew ... or do I put my faith in Charles and his endless list of woes and my buddy Big G in the Sky to keep me safe from harm as I hurtle back and forth daily to earn an honest living to raise my girls.

Dilemma no doubts ... any advice anyone? In the mean time Charles and me are on an uneasy truce ... fingers crossed all stays calm in the future.

6 February 2009

Chastising Charles ... Feb 6th, 2009

Yes Yes this is what Charles decided to do to me this wonderful Friday morning .... thankfully and with God's grace I actually pulled into my parking lot in the office before the plume of smoke and hissing came to it's grand finale ....

Have I said it enough times????

Charles fooking behaves like a spoilt man! ... every single time I don't spend time with him he does this to me ...

If I spend money on something else other than him (as in the case of my recent gift to myself and then he whammer slammed me with a huge bill by kaputting his brake pumps and discs and whatever else he could think of kaputing to cause me a hole in me pocket.

Now after the nasty knock on his bumper .... ok not so nasty buy I don't even know who did it ... I mean I have been driving Charles now going into the 6th year, and I've never hit anyone or had any major bumps on me car except for the one I did to myself thanks to an idiot that ended up with me hitting a bus - don't ask ok Charles was 3 weeks old and cost me RM700 to repair ...

Post that little episode, I am proud to say, never hit anyone never had anyone majorly hit into me either ... except for morons who don't seem to keep their foot on the brakes and 'roll' into my rear bumper ... nothing major, couple of paint scratches - I can live with that .... and the paint on me door being knicked off by thoughtless assholes who slam their doors into your parked car ... ok ok I can live with that too ...

But to reverse into my front bumper, put a major dent into it and disappear into anonimity ... now that hurts coz I've got to get it looked at since the headlamps are a little loose now thanks to that bump ... SHITS ...

So Charles was with mom the last few days, I had hoped mom would be able to swing over to the worskshop that did that miraculous job on Charles years ago ... but no go. So yesterday I drove Charles to court and back. Meant to go to the workshop but I was not in the right mood and the cough I have been fighting just kinda was at it's hacking best so I chose to rest at home ...

Then this morning, as I pull off the NKVE into the Subang exit, I hear a horrid horrid sound ... I look at thermostat - says normal, I turn off aircon maybe it's the aircon belt or something .... nope sound still there ... aiya damn TouchnGo lane one out - traffic is crawling - sound goes away ... office is just off this toll ... come on Charles get me to the office before you kaput ...

Inched into the parking lot and was trying to to reverse park and when I put into reverse mode horrid sound returned ... arrghhhhhhhhh so I drive into the first available lot and then it happens ... smoke from the bonnet ... ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Switch engine off pull open to release bonnet lock ... and wait with all that hissing and steam thankfully not smoke and there's water flowing outta my car from under ... oh SHITS - it's the radiator and that's when finally the thermostat says HIGH - eerrrr a bit late now don't you think !!!!!

But I do take a minute to say Thank you God for nothing happening on the road, and Thank You Charles for dying in the parking lot - at least I can get help ... I think

Whilst I look at my steaming car and try to get my mechanic on the phone a Malay chap comes over, helps me get the bonnet up and checks out the disaster and we note that yes the hose to the metal is not connected anymore and he tries to reassure me it's nothing to worry about - I probably look upset by now as I was about to give Charles an absolutely hard kick myself!!!!

End conclusion - let Charles cool down, fill the radiator up, get a metal clip which ought to be there but seems missing ... and fingers crossed I can drive home safely enough to land Charles at the mechanics ... **wish me luck**

Nevertheless, I have to say, I surely don't lead a boring life hahaahahahha mine's always excitement of some sort!

.ani being .ani :)) - gotta love the adventure **wink**