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21 March 2009

Someone Take Responsibility Here!!! Mar 21, 2009

Ok ok those who want to knock me about my own speed fiending on the highways please hold your horses ya ... I might speed yes, I even pay all my summons without complaining - you speed you pay la! End of story ... but I do know when to move aside and let the other maniac go past ... there's no point really fighting on the road and putting myself in danger ...

Anyhows ... this rant is specifically out to the Malays and only Malays (ain't no racist but really you people better start taking responsibility) - parents and kids - somebody bloody wake up and take responsibility for the menace on the roads - them bloody fooking Malay bikers.

I live in a 99% Malay neighbourhood. One of my esteemed neighbours is a Yg Berhormat. In front of my house is a very wide long stretch of road about 1.5km long from end to end. A few years ago, thanks to too many illegal motorbike races at all ungodly hours of the night, speed bumps were place at intervals on this stretch - but it would seem that nope this is not good enough deterrent to this moronic imbeciles!

What baffles me even more is the fact that all this punks are not even of legal age most of the time to be on a bike as a rider. As a pillion perhaps but not as the rider ....

Then there's the fact that they are 99.9% of the time without a helmet - apparently Malay heads are made of unbreakable concrete hence what's all the blah blah about helmets really - you know what I mean????

If there is a helmet on this idiot's head, the straps are flapping in the find across his face as he kamikazes over the speed bumps, with his modified kapcai 70cc bike imagining the likes of being Valentino Rossi! .... Scant disregard for the safety of other road users let alone the children who might be cycling on the the drive ins to the houses.

They will start at the bend I have to turn into, or they will race along the road that has houses left and right and more Malay kids whose parents have no time to see what their children are up and the run blindly across the roads especially at dusk when lighting is bad or suddenly scuttle out of a bush by the side of the road and the fact that they might be vehicles on the road does not seem to be in their "concrete heads"

The number of times these biker morons minus helmets do the wheelie or whatever shit they call those stunts and fallen bike and all on the road, hurt themselves and limped off with the other morons instead of being concerned about their friends injuries they are falling over laughing ... if you scold them, they are rude and target your house for rubbish throwing and being the ONLY NON MALAYS in like forever in this housing estate it would seem better to keep silent - especially after the slashing of my dog some years ago and also the poisoning of the dog after we saved her from the slashing episode.

They have no respect ... if you are outside with the kids they will yell KELING as they go by ... and you wonder about the next generation and politicians ... we're fooked majorly if this so called educated housing estate population ... they teach their kids to call Indians Keling ... so forward thinking I know ...

Yeah yeah you can tell me to pack up and leave ... but my immediate neighbours are all elderly people - no kids around or thankfully their grandkids are not yet at the mat rempit biker age yet ... but this is getting to me! This has been home for 31yrs ... am not about to pack and leave just because of some mat rempit type morons ...

Lately almost every evening there's a bunch of them and when I reach it's dusk and they are riding with no lights or anything and I have to swerve to avoid knocking them while already keeping a parameter check for kids and cats darting out of bushes!

Kids are knocked over ... kids fall off bikes ... kids underaged are on their brothers/fathers bikes helmetless and no one seems to be bothered ... and when tragedy befalls it irks me to hear that one word Malays use when they really cannot justify their own stupidity in not avoiding the tragedy ... TAKDIR ... WTF you mean it's God's will.

  • Is it God's will that you have no responsibility but to let your underaged child ride your bike???
  • God's will that without a licence or helmet to protect his/her head?
  • God's will that should your child be run over or knocked off or falls on his/her own accord and crack their skull?
  • Is it God's will then that I should be the one to see this?
  • I should be the one who should feel angered?
  • I should feel responsible perhaps to rush your child to hospital?
  • God's will that your own irresponsibility in nurturing a sensible child with limitations to what he/she can or cannot do led to their untimely death or left them paralysed?

Why blame God when he gave you the brains to know what is right and wrong ... but then again ... seeing as you the parent itself seems to have scant regard to putting on a helmet leave alone properly fastened. You drive big fancy cars with large families but never buckle up your kids nor do you use the seat belt up front yourself ... so how will you teach your children any better?

And we wonder why statistically the road deaths are always higher percentage of Malays causing the accidents, dying and taking a few others along with them ... Indians and Chinese there are some morons too but even the worst type taiko tai and macha muniandy type even with his boombox booming loud music usually is wearing his seatbelt - at least he'll be in better shape at impact ...

So if you're a Malay parent - can you please keep your car and bike keys away from where your obviously indisplined children. We don't need to read like we did a few days ago about the decapitated and de-limbed 13 year old who snuck out at 3am and ended up dying because when he should have been home safe sound and asleep he chose to dice with death and met his untimely end ... his parents weren't even aware their son had left the house leave alone end up dead in pieces so close to home ... and invetably, I'm sure God was blamed yet again for something someone could have avoided.

I am angry because today, when I was reversing out of my house I had to keep an eye out for the one about to zoom off and the one zooming back and then they without their helmets decided to do some dance in front of my car right in front of the mosque and all those aging pakciks who are trying to build their stairway to heaven but obviously these kids are heading in that direction a lot earlier if no one pulls them up and stops them from wasting their lives.

I guess when people have nothing to work towards but live fattened lives of subsidies and government grants and a free walk into anything - their brain no longer functions like the rest of us who have to then this is what happens ... nobody cares what happens to their loved ones ... You can keep making babies ... but ensure the ones you've already had don't die because of your lack of parental responsibility ... as a parent myself, I worry constantly for the safety ... can you do the same for yours?

I don't think it's too much to ask is it?????????