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My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

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22 April 2008

Is There No Concept of Privacy Left? Apr 22, 2008

What pray tell am I on about? hehheh take a look at the pictures and tell me ... public copulation I swear and they dare demand privacy? Who are you kidding???

Imagine a hot muggy Saturday evening,... where even the breeze that sporadically descends feels like an unbearable weight ... and then you spot such fornication.

Needless to say Ashna and Kasha was totally excited and rapid fire type questions kept coming at me ... and I thought I was "Questionista" ... man they are way ahead of me in firing questions.

Now firstly one must note that Ashna is 8 and Kasha is 6. Reproduction should be the least of their concerns. But there right before their eyes an amazing ritual is progressing. Procreation for the sole purpose of reproduction.

I cannot imagine these here insects were caught fornicating for the pure reason of it's fun to get shagged or laid or whatever the latest lingo is. Their was a copulation focused on a reproduction of their specie, assuring another generation of their specie.

It must have been this particular type of butterfly's/moth's(??) mating season. On closer inspection of the plants outside there were quite a few couples in the shadows of leaves and branches. This particular pair was clinging on to that blade of grass against the breeze that blew and hence why I spotted them.

Persistence against adversity was something that struck me about this pair. I'd moved from the that grass to the flower pot to the leaf ... not a flinch ... a good hour later they parted and flew off in different directions ... I was left in some bawdy frame of mind with equally bawdy jokes at the time which caused me to break into giggles for no apparent reason especially when I thought about these creatures and I thought about us evolved animal called (wo)man!

What a significant difference between the animal world and mankind but let me not begin to ramble on this subject matter.

In my facebook album and old friend asked is there no privacy and I said nope ... :)) haahah but in today's living privacy is something one has to fight tooth and nail to keep intact ... although some others think they are living their lies in total anonymity whilst actually everyone else has found them out especially the ones they want to hide most from.

The problem with lies and misled believe of anonymity, is that when the person is found out, they tend to get defensive ... go figure the logic in this but anyhow what can be done? Let them live they way they choose and the time be their judge.

Nope privacy is dead and gone. Now everything you do potentially ends up on YouTube. One might flatulate and that be funny enough to share with minions of YouTubers. People seem to have lost their sense of privacy over time and now what one person does in private constitutes an opportunity for another to milk the information starved masses.

I am sure the couple I spent time photographing were in the least bit concerned about my presence purely from the aspect that they had a deed to do. If someone likes my picture I might make some money from it ... but it's not like YouTube material.

Mayhap my intrusions might have broken the momentum but from what I was seeing other than being 'attached' to each other, nothing else moved ... my first intrinsic look at capturing detail at a macro level but I liked the results.

Anyhow, since we've concluded that privacy is a thing of the past, should we go about living as we do or should we cowering in fear that somehow we're going to become media fodder?

Let me go think .... {{hugs}}