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Purely as a form of expression to the emotions that run riot in my life at different junctures. This blog has seen several title revisions that also reflect the state of being and evolution I am constantly in. If one were to remain stagnant in hope of never changing their temporal present, one will awaken someday to much regret. Life is about living, evolving and adapting to the constant changes all around us.

My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

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30 December 2008

2009 Wishes ... Dec 30, 2008

I probably will be too bored to death on New Year's Eve to sit down and write anything worth while in the form of wishes for the coming year ... so if you have seen this from my Super Wall post to you on FB ... sorry for the rerun but there's only so much creativity left in me - gotta re-energize for the coming year ...

Now if this don't give you a headache from the colour clashing I dunno but here's wishing you a wonderful start to 2009 ... It's going to be a tough year for everyone what with the global economy downturn and the rumours that this is 'The Great Depression' of this century ...

Spend wisely, dig in your heels, tighten your belts and let's survive this financial crisis best we can and still find joy in all the small things that REALLY matter like family, children and friends ...

And before I forget - remember to practice BUB-ing - we don't really need those fines do we even if the enforcement is obviously going to be crap - seeing all the exclusions they have introduced. The whole rear passenger buckle up program feels like another one of those "gomen" type farces ... masa ini hangat hangat tahi ayam je .... lepas tu biar bertimbun timbun mati ... takdir kan?????? **sigh**

Be safe on the roads this holiday season ... and see more of you all next year I hope ... .ani is always happy to see friends :))

God Bless and Have a Super 2009 !!!

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Achilles said...

Hi Aunty.. sounds like you had a roller coaster ride in 2008 as well. Some of it interesting, but some, could have been better.

Yeah, everyone is saying "Brace for Impact" which is 2009... not sure how bad its going to be, just hope that i still get to keep my job for the time being.

Well here's wishing everyone a good 2009 (if its possible). Let bygones be bygones and lets look forward to some brighter times.