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20 June 2008

Do You BUB??? June 20, 2008

There's been some amount of attention paid to this although we being Malaysian, something as obviously important as this is ignored, and we're happier living in fairytale Malaysia Boleh land ... sheez!

BUB? I know you're wondering what the fook is that? Don't you know we're also the land of neverending acronyms???

However before you start searching the Malaysian news to find out what BUB is let me tell you what it is ... it's my own little campaign in response to the Malaysian Road Transport Departments Rear Seatbelts campaing ... my little unknown campaign with only 2 unpaid voluntary campaigners i.e. Ashna and Kasha is called Do you BUB (Buckle Up Behind) eheheheh

Had you there for a bit eh? If I had dosh to spend, I'd be making little car stickers and handing them out at to everyone I see. If I had the authority, I'd have issued at least 5 summons to moronic parents with infants and children at risk in the car today... hence this blog piece.

I wonder if I can convince anyone to help me design some funky dory car stickers and badges and posters ... and my target would be the kids themselves - because children learn fast, their parents are typical old dogs who should be put down painfully because they endanger the lives of their kids!!

This morning on the way to work, on the ELITE highway between USJ and Seafield turn off, I was hurtling along after my Putrajaya stop over, when there was this black Sorento I think (it was one of those big monsters) and I saw him speeding up to me big time. Now I was not able to move to the left nor speed up out of his way as there were vehicles to the left and ahead of me ... so I started easing off the pedal and braking lightly to warn him to slow down.

That's when I noted in my rear mirror that man had a baby of about maybe 7 mths (when is it babies start to be able to stand???) standing in the middle between the passenger and drivers seat - my guess is propped in the middle by this brainless moron.

And since the child is moving hence distracting, even though he must have been doing at least 130km/hour (taking that I was doing about that speed), his eyes are not on the road, not on the vehicles in the front of him or side of him or behind him. His eyes are on the child thats moving around him. Like WTF happened to his brains???

Suddenly he looks up and he's about some 12" from me and he swerves to the left, getting the driver on the left to emergency brake and swerve further left ... lucky no other vehicle was there to crash into ... I so wanted to get out of my car and slap that moron blue black! Was he trying to kill the child you think???? Accidental death out of negligence???

After that moron, I was moving along and just before the Bukit Jelutong turn off there was this lady all with huge Paloma type sunnies looking into her sunshade mirror checking her make up out (again behind me - I'd rather they be behind me than in front of me!) and she's got a toddler standing in the front passenger seat drinking and dancing it seemed. One emergency brake and out the windscreen goes toddler ...

Several MPV/SUV type vehicles had kids bouncing along the back seat and standing in the middle between the 2 front seats. I mean these vehicles all come with rear seat belts - buckle up behind idiots!!!!

Of course this is a severe dent to the average majority of Malaysia's populations family planning - they are meant to have 5 kids (all will be taken care of by the whatever plan and policy in place for their benefit) ... most cars come if fitted with only 3 rear seat belts - this will mean either buying larger MPV type vehicles which are often 2.0 above hence no RM625 petrol rebate or turning to public transport when moving their exceptionally large families of one man 4 wives and 30 children at least!

Hence perhaps in this advocacy period they have decided to knock off as many of their excessive passengers as possible and maybe arrive at the number their kancil/kelisa can accommodate safely. I dunno. I have seen 5 adults and 6 children fall out of a Kancil once ... and no wonder during certain festive seasons, the death tolls are incredulous after one small bang involving a Kancil or 2 at least 14 people dead, 14 others in critical condition and maybe 5 more escaped unhurt - like HELLOOOOOO?????

So BUB it is for me now. Anyone and everyone who gets into my car has to BUB or else walk! I have to remember to BUB myself seeing as usually I am the driver not the rear seat passenger!! (** remembers going out to lunch Wed with Darren and Bala and not BUBing ... oops!!**)

Ashna and Kasha although used to be such whiners before this whenever I tried to BUB them, since I showed them the news in the papers and told them 'mommy would have to pay money (which I don't have) to the Police because they don't BUB" - for kids they are sharp. Instead of giving up on KFC and McD treats and movies, they decided BUBing was the better option.

And they have taken to nagging their friends in school about being BUBers too :))

So next time you get into the car ... tell your back seat passengers to BUB or walk :))

Here's to lesser deaths especially of children because they are safely Buckled Up Behind!

Be a BUB advocate ... the summons are starting Jan 1, 2009 .... we don't need to wait till then to do something so simple and live saving.

So my question to you is - Do you BUB?

~safer on the road .ani~

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anfield devotee said...

he he . . . like me said, sorry if this sounds obnoxious, but me car has no back seats . . .