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23 June 2008

Is Life So Unvalued? June 23, 2008

Seriously though I have to ask this question only because in my driving 200km a day (damnit where is my honorary SHELL free fuel card????) , I see a scant regard for life.

The worst of the lot being these 2 wheelers. Weaving in and out of traffic with a devil may care attitude. Life is too short to be encumbered by logic and rational behaviour. I am trying so hard to coin an apt sounding acronym that does not include any obscenities when thinking of my Motorcyclists Road Safety Campaign.

For starters it surely be an extremely long acronym to accommodate all the bile and irritation I feel towards these imbeciles that taunt my very nature of cautious driver (I might be a speed fiend, but I am conscientious too ok!!)

Firstly can someone please please please summon and take away repeat offenders license to ride this 2 wheeled menace if they are found to NOT HAVE their helmets snapped on safe and securely to those empty watermelon heads of theirs.

Really what do they have in there ??? Mush for brains?? Too much cow cud or what??? I mean what is the point of having a helmet on your head that has the safety straps flapping in the wind as you Rossi like speed by weaving in and out???

Have to not realised that not being securely fastened to your head means the moment you're off that stupid bike, your helmet has also long since left your head wide open to unimaginable injuries?? You die once you skull cracks on impact.

And trust me I really don't want to have the tyres of my Charles pick up pieces of your obviously undeveloped brains that will likely be splattered all across the highway. It's an awful job cleaning up bits of you off the road. And to think that in the next few days as I hurtle by I notice birds picking at something fleshy, it could be the remnant of what little grey matter that was encased in your now non-existent head.

FOR GOD'S SAKE! Snap, click, zap that helmet on damnit. I really don't want pieces of you (wait is this some song??) travelling with me ... eeewwee!!!!

I am so looking forward to the next festive season onslaught on the highways and byways ... because I can only imagine that right before the price hike in fuel, there had been a reduction in price of lower CC cars which saw a ballooning of little 4 wheeled menaces as well in the form of Kancils, Kelisas, Savvys and MyVis .. ahaaa since what I call 'BUB' is only coming into force next January, I can place my bets on that I see an interesting fatality rate.

And what will be more interesting is when interviewed, the grieving survivors (if any) will all in solemn voice say it was all fated.

  • Fated to have your head smashed like an over-ripe watermelon to smithereens??
  • Fated to have your entire family wiped out because you tried to fit 20 people into what fits comfortably 4?
  • Fated because you for some unexplainable reason figured somehow it doesn't happen to you and then it did??
  • Fated because that seemed like the most likely excuse, just lay the blame all on God - after all fate is His department not yours.
Yeah well let me tell you all these tragedies has nothing to do with FATE. It has to do with your individual total disregard for the life you have.

This afternoon, my colleagues and me headed out to IKEA for lunch (I'd rather have sulked and felt sorry for my ass that got kicked as usual by the bossman *sigh* another day another rant) at the behest of my chinaman friend Darren. When we got there and found ourselves a parking, there was this lady with a monster Nissan model (one of those MPV type things - huge as hell) and she had her toddler standing in behind the driver's seat unrestrained.

You might have paid close to RM150k for that monster, but when you brake in an emergency, that baby of yours is STILL going to fly through the windscreen to her wasted death. Where is your brain woman??? Or is your child's life of no value or consequence to you? I so wanted to get down and slap her a few times. The only problem was Darren was still parking and hence I had to instead spew my tirade at her vehicles disappearing behind - DAMNIT!

Why am I all so hyped up and angry?? I think APATHY is the national pass time in Malaysia. It must be the only syllabus we teach in school seeing as trained teachers don't know a male duck is called a drake, the plural of mouse is NOT mouses (another go figure type situation).

People just don't seem to realise that when they were born, God included this amazing organ called the brain. It actually works you know and it's really quite astounding what happens when the brain really kicks into gear. But nope. That's not to be. All through the education system, brainless herd mentality is encouraged. No individuals here please - there is no time or space to encourage and develop you and it be awfully embarrassing if the educator was being educated by the educatee - you get what I mean??

Anyways ... it's one of those days where I wonder why I do what I do and also where I am heading to. All too taxing and then when I see such scant regard for something as precious as life, it makes me blow my top. Not that it's any good for my obviously increasing blood pressure, but it's life you imbeciles - you have but one shot at making your mark ... make it with a sense of pride and achievement. Not shortlived by absolute stupidity on your part.

You might be a huge fan of the Immortals .. but I hate to break it to you ... this is the one shot you get, because all said and done, you're like me merely a mortal.

~.ani is in a ranty type mood~

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