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3 August 2009

Interesting Stupidity Awards ... Hehehe ... Aug 03,2009

We're all reading the aftermath of the August 1, 2009 Anti ISA march which our lovely Malaysian government decided to thwart from even before anything happened - if you were caught in the Friday crawls thanks to the stupid roadblocks put up by the boys in blue you will know what I mean. I spent 2 bloody hours crawling from Kelana Jaya LDP towards the Sprint to get to a friend's dinner party which in the end I gave up and headed for home in Seremban.

I had friends at that walk. And I can tell you I so wanted to be there too and perhaps I should have been because I thoroughly oppose the blatant misuse of this law by our politicians. Especially when it is bloody obvious that it only serves their purpose of culling any voice opposing their governance of this country.

Any rally or march or peace walk that is NOT organised by UMNO is immediately labelled ILLEGAL (have you heard how many times that word is stressed in our local news coverage - they are forced to otherwise licence revoked by Home Ministry la who incidentally was the hero who gave the order for the Police to arrest 'protesters' - which of course the IGP did with such glee!!!)

Here are some links to the news are the rest of the world saw it
1. Suara Keadilan
2. News.com.au
3. BBC - check the video out

This is what the world sees and what the world will equate this to is what they have seen in recent weeks in Iran - note we have not condemned Iran for what they have done to their protesters. Why you might ask ... well after seeing this display by the authorities - I guess it answers your questions.

They arrested children and kept them in remand - sorta like what the Palestinians are facing is it not?? But oh because Palestinians are such a pleasing to the eyes lot our government makes token 'bising bising' and then doing this here - if you are not pro government, then you are public enemy numero uno!

Children are the next generation and fining (20k) and jailing (10yrs) their parents for speaking out against what is wrong is not the way to nation building. People must be allowed to speak their minds - given a platform to do so without fear of unfair 'justice' being meted out to them.

What we saw on Saturday was total bias. Any pea brained would know that. Because I am sure the Pro ISA dudes (all UMNO backed!!) were MOST CERTAINLY LEGAL in their march to the palace to hand over their memorandum to the King. Go tell it to the Sepilok orang utans ok ... I am sure even they are laughing their naked butts off.

Ironically coalition members from Gerakan who tried to handover their Anti ISA memorandum were **ahem ahem* not following palace protocol and were unsuccessful. Can I tergolek laugh my arse off here please?? Dudes why la you no go as Pro ISA sure all kautim easy one. Too bad la your attempt tak jadi, I feel for you but your racial mix is the wrong one la sure kena reject!

My ISA badge for really stupid Malaysians I hand over to that comb over King who is fighting his tamil movie gangster style to hang on to his fast receding hairline and popularity - our now outlawed Hindraf brothers awakened the eyes of many Tamils who were blinded by our wannabe Rajinikanth and his son who are now feeling hot under their seats as the fires are fanned - where is the hard earned money people pumped into your MAIKA shares that's like toilet paper now???

But old Sam just can't keep his mouth shut - he had to come out with what he thinks is sooooooo earth shattering discovery - street demos keep investors away. Aiyo-yo-yo Samy potham man potham ... time for you to just retire and go back to Sg Siput and keep quiet - I hear the water there does wonders for your hair **kah kah kah kah** but before that liquidate your assets and pay back those people who invested in your toilet paper shares - am sure you won't miss too much. As in all Tamil movies, the kallan always either turns over a new leaf or dies at the hand of justice,... in this case I doubt you want to end up under ISA in your final days now do you along with Vel?

To be honest, I am sickened by what I hear see and read. This is not the Malaysia I want to raise my children in and if I hear any one of you small minded morons tell me to pack and leave, I say to you YOU PACK UP AND LEAVE!!! 4 generations born and raised in this soil - this is my tanah tumpahnya darahku. If you cannot fathom sharing this land, go back to where you came from first ... I am sure Indonesia will welcome you with open arms haahahhahahah before they make you maids and servants that is **evil cackle** just to show you what it feels like.

Malaysia oh Malaysia it seems your reckoning hour is at hand. Will the Malaysia we dream about never materialise and will those dreams be tear gassed and frightened out of us. My hope is that Malaysians will never stop chasing the dream that burns in our hearts. I dunno about the rest of you, but I believe all of us should stand equal, not allow scared frightened politicians to divide us by race religion and colour.

And may you Malaysian never ever have to learn what Detention Without Trial means because those who have walked that path know only too well the hell you go through. I SAY NO TO ISA! The choice is yours and yours alone.

If you have access - these pictures will speak for themselves just look at that smug look of the FRU fellow - big justice serving as he shoots tear gas into the innocent public.

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