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My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

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1 April 2009

My Morning's Charm ... Apr 01, 2009

I was listening to BFM this morning. And I was very very taken in by the guest on the Morning Grill. I'd missed the first few minutes, hence I'd missed who it was. But along I kept hearing Veritas and David ... I was like hmmmmmm who is this person.

Why you might ask (seeing as Veritas did no immediately ring a bell ehehhe - am so not architecture savvy!) ... well because probably in the longest time ever, I was mesmerised, completely taken in by the person speaking on air. He was articulate, witty, very obviously global savvy, intelligent, confident and someone who just all round came across as very very interesting and yes attractive.

You have to follow my train of thinking here and it's not an easy process I admit ... I am here there everywhere with how I think eheheheheh. Just some 20 minutes before I tuned into BFM, I was listening to Mix.fm, the traffic reports, the He Said She Said and was kinda assessing some conversations I'd had in recent times with different friends as to why I although I would like as in all normal people to be in a good relationship, but I seem cold and uninterested in the whole idea of getting into one.

I realised that
(a) I have put a very high benchmark for this 'Mr. Right' that he only exists in my imagination
(b) I am shit scared of failing yet again that I make it impossible for any chap to get close to me
(c) when I feel like I need a man in my life, I crawl away into my non-existent Mr. Right's arms and he make sme feel good again ... it's less hassles
(d) I need not invest time and money and emotions on something that is as uncertain as much talked about British weather

So anyways ... aside from all of the above blah blah ... I just do not seem to meet men who juice up my brain - yeah am one of the weirdos ... I don't get attracted to a person unless he can ignite my brain. Built like Hercules and packaged with Brad Pitt looks just don't do it for me ... guess poster boys are just not my cup of tea ... now if he WAS a poster boy with mega brains, eehehehehe I'm smitten!

And there I was hurtling along at my usual, with a million thoughts. Looking back at the men who broke my heart. Looking at the men I've paused to consider of late and how they all eventually disappoint being unable to sustain my interest post the initial flury of exchanges.

I mean yeah naturally I ain't no hot hootchie babe, so that is a given that men who are sadly visually driven creatures cannot see beyond the packaging. And they wander off in search of the next under-aged sex kitten wannabe ... they like draping these things on themselves ... helps with their image of their own frail masculinity me thinks.

So all given, .ani pretty much has nothing to chew on but "Mr. Right the Imagined" who can hold amazingly mind stimulating conversations, who takes time to smell the roses and is not too pretenciously macho to be a real man (whatever that might constitute eheheheh)

Being a right brained oinkster lioness ... I guess how I am drawn to people is also very different (or maybe not) ... and listening to David Hashim of Veritas and his journey in the business since 1987, suddenly inspired me in so many ways it's a bit too long to list here. But one thing is for sure ... suddenly Mr. Right the Imagined did not seem to unreal after all.

The potential of accidentally crossing paths with such a person was very possible. Imagine I tagged in a few minutes late because I wanted to hear the end of this segment. I wanted to absorb and revel in the articulateness of David Hashim sharing his ideas and his thoughts and his aspirations. And when I got into the office like the typical info junkie I am, I stalked the net to put a face to the voice. I had to see if the image I had in my mind matched and I was spot on ehehehehehhe.

And then I did a totally unprecedented thing, I googled up the email address of David Hashim because I wanted to tell him how much he'd really inspired me this morning (when the mood was rather surly ...) so I yeah I dropped an email (I know WTF was I thinking right????) - but do you know something? I got a simple reply within 10 mins which I have to say magnified the qualities I felt he represented. It was nothing earth moving but it reflected to me how down to earth he came across on air and well in an email response. It reminded me of a CEO I once really looked up to as a mentor and friend, but yeah you note the past tense in there don't you ...

I am quite sure Veritas is going to go a long way and it's journey has no less been interesting (yes yes I googled and read just about every thing there is to read about David Hashim, Veritas and it's business ventures ... even some of his presentation papers ... all very educational for someone like me)

So while most of the world is going about playing April Fool's, I felt like today I "crossed paths" with my lucky charm ... it's put a smile on my face and I feel stronger than ever even if I'm going to be growing old with Mr. Right the Imagined eheheheh

Q2 kicks off today .... ready for the ride????

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