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6 March 2009

Polls Say Alot ... Mar 06, 2009

Lately I have been looking at a lot at the news, visiting different bloggers for different viewpoints. Yes even occasionally checking out what that racist wannabe ex chief minister says - which inevitably gets my blood boiling and I hate for being Malaysian - which is something I find only very lately.

I've always been proud to say I am Malaysian. But let's just say in the last 7 years, GOD! I am pretty embarrassed to admit I am but well I am Malaysian and still trying to find slivers of reasons why I remain so. **SIGH**

Ok so Polls ... what about it? Well interestingly, it would seem that everything the government is doing on the political scene is not gaining any brownie points in the eyes of the urban and educated. It would also seem that the rural folks are not that gullible anymore especially when it comes to casting their votes especially so in the wake of the government's let's buy your vote splurges we keep hearing about. The amounts of money spent on by-elections could very well be spent on reviving our fast grinding to a halt economy.

All this sandiwara on the political front is not REALLY detracting anyone from the realities that people are having sleepless nights trying to stretch non-existent dollars, mounting debts and bills and mouths to feed. Eli Wong became a victim of manupilation, Soi Lek is suddenly in the news again, Anwar is battling the High Court move, RPK is battling his impending long detention if he fails his legal battle, Karpal was at the mercy of what is supposed to be the grooming ground of UMNO's future leaders - shit scary if you ask me especially after viewing the video clip of what transpired - I was seriously afraid for Karpal and his aide who was pushing the wheelchair. What mob mentality was that man - and nooooooooo nobody spliced nothing or edited footage from elsewhere - this was seriously scary shit to think this is where we're heading too.

I think there were in the past comparisons of Malaysian politics being no different from Zimbabwe (seeing as Mugabe has a holiday home here - sheez!) or other corrupt African regimes and naturally the knee jerk type vehement denials from those in the corridors of power.

All the average Malaysian on the street sees is a fight for survival to come out top of the heap in UMNO forget BN that doesn't exist anymore. It's all about one party and one party alone. Component?? Apa itu? I might be given to thinking that these now sidelined component parties might have better luck in the other component party the one on the otherside across the parliament sittings. Forget the one you're currently hinged unto - they have forgotten what the forefathers of this country envisioned, they deny the contributions of many of our multi-racial forefathers and if possible they'd like very much to make everyone think their is but one supreme race.

Well errrmmmmmmm I work with many of this race, most can't stand this one supreme party, they're more in favour of the green dot in white party as opposed to the one with keris in it's logo ... or they believe in the ideologies of the Opposition more than they do overly rehashed rhetoric of people who are only safe-guarding their own interests - again Rakyat? Apa itu???? Sounds good for speeches behind rostrums only la.

This morning driving to work I heard the DG from ISIS talkabout the mini budget but what caught my interest most was when she said consumer confidence will only be boosted when people believe in the government and what the government is doing (note: not ad verbatim) - errr Mr. Government - I think this is the key to your success in leading the people of this country out of this recession - do the Rakyat believe in you???

From what the newpaper/online polls, from the results of your recent by-elections despite the millions spent to romp home to victory - you have lost ... and this too in the rural areas where government propaganda in the past has helped to win 2/3 majority.

I think the people see through your ruse - can you open your eyes and pry away the self encompassing greed and work for the people who still have faith in you enough to have voted you into power - because otherwise, you are the people who will destroy this country and I don't want to be living in fear that someday I might suddenly find myself labelled "Illegal Immigrants from the Indian Ocean" because someone woke up and decided for all my blood sweat and tears, I have no rights to my nationality anymore.

Tis the weekend, and a long one - drive safe, buckle up behind and see you Tuesday next week :))

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anfield devotee said...

All hail Khir Toyo!!! The future of Malaysia . . .