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25 February 2009

BFM - The Business Station - Feb 25, 2009

I'm sold on Mix.fm in the mornings and THR Gegar in the nights because I like Hindi Power songs - heeheheh such a pansy in the taste of music ... I know I know **sigh** - ain't no music critique anything goes depending on my mood. And after a stressful day or in a stressful drive to work - it's always good to hear a bit of frivolous banter with the occasional nuggets.

Then one evening, stuck on the Federal Highway, I was mucking about looking to sample other radio stations. And I tried a few even the vernacular ones and was like triple that SIGH please ... when I accidentally heard English, and heard some song I'd never heard on the radio in a long long time - it suddenly made me feel 18 and carefree again.

Looked at the station - 89.9FM hmmmmm interesting. So I hung on. Am not a terribly business savvy or interested in stocks and bullish or bearish state of the market. All I am interested in is can I stress my RM a little bit more till the end of the month.

But I have to admit, aside from the music - which I have to say is really good varied selection that appeals to the closer to 40 30 something I am. Also the various segments I catch throughout the day with interviews with authorities and market leaders has been very educational. I have access to information on investments and what one should look for and what one's goals are in making certain investments and which are safer, which are higher returns, what are the risks ... you know all that typical market talk but made closer to home with the very man on the street approach the DJ's have in trying make complicated subject matters chewable and digestible bits

I'd advocate you give it a listen. And they are looking for a news editor as well, who has the sharps about the economy, global markets and writes and edits succinct powerful servings of business news to give you that extra edge in facing these very trying economic times.

The other thing that struck me was that I think I felt like the listener was made to feel intelligent (hard to explain this here) as opposed to the empty celebrity type gossip we hear on every other young and happening station ... I really miss the days of good informative radio jockeys, the kind I grew up sneakily falling asleep with my walkman headphones on late late in the nights.

Their website is pretty simple at the moment - not sure if they have plans to make things more snazzy, but listening to BFM in the mornings and evenings of late, has spawned a radio station idea in my head - and I think this station could work. I have the idea, even the target market in mind and the some ideas on how to infuse fun into a subject matter that people try so hard to avoid.

Anyone want to talk to me? heheheheh ... unless you're serious about wanting to hear my idea, I ain't going to tell you what it is. I don't think there's any radio station in Malaysia currently addressing this angle. I will need to research it a bit to see if there's any such like around the world - it could be a first of sorts and if I've learnt anything from BFM it's to be innovative with ideas, and strike when the iron's hot before the copycats make 'origina' versions the kind you find in our 'pasar malam'.

So tune in and listen if you like music (I'd say it would appeal to the 35 above crowd), get business 'edumacated' and if you wanna ask me what my radio station idea is - give me a holler ...

Mid-week ... and looking forward to the weekend :))

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