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30 January 2009

I Have To Go Hmmmmm .... Jan 30, 2009

Guantanamo Bay ... ring a bell? Ya President Obama has signed an order to close that place down within the next 16 months.

And Malaysia is requesting for the return of 2 detainees from Guantanamo Bay ... errrrr WAIT ONE FOOKING MINUTE ... we have Malaysians there?? **ok admittedly I have been a bit of a "katak bawah tempurung" (frog under coconut shell) lately - but I can't believe I missed this.

If you read the news reports in our very unbiased newsprint media you will note that where there is any suggestion of guilt on these two terror suspects (wait wait it's kinda proven they aren't just 'suspect' but involved in the Bali Bombings of 2002 and the JW Marriott Bombings in Jakarta in 2003) it's always in inverted commas i.e. " "

Ok just hold on there one minute. You've got to read just this bit of news today from TheStar online to get a sneaky feeling here. Especially if you remember just towards the last weeks of 2008, Malaysian Government released the one person who was known to have hosted Zacharias the one charged with the 9/11 Terror Attacks in the US. Apparently, our government had found him suitably reformed. Errrrr yeah right. Same people who aren't even willing to consider that the 5 they are holding in Kamunting might be suitably reformed - seeing as they also now belong to an outlawed party.

Perhaps in our blinkered view of the world, these two brethen here spread terror and plotted for more all in the name of the God (lest I be hauled up for the use of another more often used term for God proprietery you see - seeing again that we make hue and cry over the terminology used rather than if the terminology is MISused for miscreant destructive behaviour) hence it is alright to bring them home, do another one of our wayang kulit (shadow play) type justice servings (kinda like the Altantuya murder fiasco) and in a couple of years deem them suitably rehabilitated to be reintroduced into society, because afterall their contributions to the "greater cause" sorta makes them martyrs to some even if most others seem them as vile evil spreading terrorists .

In the mean time, our political detainees continue to rot while waiting for some justice. Our suspected criminals continue to feel the heavy handed 'investigative' methods and some might suspectly suddenly succumb to fluid in the lungs. Can somebody please tell the IGP and his boys that it's time they kinda tried new excuses for sudden death while in their 'safe' custody. The fluid in the lungs story is overused and no longer acceptable. You've got intelligent Malaysians abouts as hard as that is to believe seeing as how our education system is churning out herd mentality segregations and divisions instead of breeding unity and oneness.

Am kinda uneasy at the moment. I can sense that if these two are back in Malaysia in no time they will be walking free men. And we get upset when anyone insinuates that we might be harbouring terrorists here in Malaysia - given the fact that we still have 3 detained in Kamunting for JI allegience, and we have a few more running around eluding dragnet stakeouts for their capture, it does kinda make me go hmmmmmmmmmmm very very nervously.

Happy Weekend all...


Ridzzy said...

Bomb the malaysians to smitherins!!!!

akuani said...

La Riddzy ... that is not the way to do things is it???

Anyways ... you want to join the Hotel K residency prog ke??