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Purely as a form of expression to the emotions that run riot in my life at different junctures. This blog has seen several title revisions that also reflect the state of being and evolution I am constantly in. If one were to remain stagnant in hope of never changing their temporal present, one will awaken someday to much regret. Life is about living, evolving and adapting to the constant changes all around us.

My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

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20 October 2008

akuani Revealed ... You Think? Oct 20, 2008

My blogger buddy Kerp tagged me It on his blog and so here's me trying to write about me in 15 points so that you get to know me better - hahahaha whyeverfor? I dunno - you got time to kill perhaps :)

Also this was written over a year ago, edited a bit here and there for this particular post ... read on if you want to ... try not to snore on me blog please - tan-jew-berry-much!

#01: I am Ms. George becoz that's my dad's name *like duh!!!* I could be also Ms. Jorge, Ms. Georgg, Ms. GeeVarghese you get my drift :)) but am Ms. George, even when the spouse was around, never ever called me self Mrs so-and-so .... I like my identity just fine as it is.

#02: Formerly called the .ani virus, now rehabilitated and reformed ... if people don't like this me - too bad, I don't care really, my world is still spinning on its own axis (did I sound obnoxious there??? ahha bite me!)

#03: I am learning to enjoy my singlehood and the freedom it comes with to do just about whatever I dang please without the need to be answerable to parents and (in)significant others nor stealth in my choices - don't be envious - it comes with a price :)) although the down side to this is the acute sense of loneliness and frustration that attacks when things go haywire all at once. And the fact is, am still a 7 year old in my parents eyes - hence no escape to answerableness - working on it though ...

#04: Mommy to Hannah Ashna and Reanna Kasha my BratAngels ... without them life would be very different and very likely meaningless hence I am blessed that God saw it befitting that I be their mommy. As much as they drive me nuts and add streaks of gray ... they give me smiles, hugs and love that warms my heart forever more

#05: I'm allergic to words that the lexical resourceful use for what they deem to be my non-existent "popularity" - keep them away from me ... I rather be called a loudmouth and disliked for my honesty than candy floss popular

#06: I live in the land we market globally as Truly Asia - 3 guesses! If you flunk please come out of the cave you've been in and check out what's happened to the world around you since ... Oh wait a minute. we 'market' being the operative word - great for overseas adverts which are fully of toothy smiling 'Malaysians' but the reality is just the opposite! The current 'gomen' have done a great job of segregating everyone ... I learnt this back in form 2 Civics/Tatrakyat - the word - polarisasi perkauman which we seem to be really happy maintaining till this day ... because we tolerate other races - ahahahahahha damn fookers screwed up a great country!

#07: I am an independent opinionated and hard knocks survivor ... takes a lot from you to piss me off and when you do get worried when I start to smile

#08: I am MOST lethal and dangerous when my smile is unwavering it means you have pissed me off good and proper ... for your own self preservation my advice to you is "GET THE FOOKING HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT!!! (added on 211008) When someone is phreaking fooking yelling at me for no obvious reason or taking potshots at me, I rarely say anything. I either remain expressionless or I might look all red in the face and about to flood the room - don't ever take that as a sign of weakness .... It merely means I'm imploding and your fooking face has just been saved a nasty collision with my silver ringed fingers ... exploding is so what you fookers want, I won't give it to you!

#09: I enjoy the fact I can interact with anyone with such ease like slipping into your favourite pair of flip flops :)) ... which doesn't mean I treat you like a flip flop ok just quickly comfortable :) ... there's a difference here.

#10: I am basically a WYSIWYG kinda girl and I swear till the sailors blush in any navy :) - so if you can deal with it great, if you can't step aside please! :)

#11: I have 18 years of working experience under my belt and I have done almost everything there is to do but have been focusing on Project Management the last 8 years. Although have been very seriously thinking to quit all this dog-eat-dog apple polishing back-stabbing madness and retreating to some old time farming or animal husbandry ... away from the quabbles of the money crazed maniacs who give me ulcers and unwanted stress. Let them fookers kill each other off, me .... I want to live ripe and old and enjoy the journey of living!

#12: A Mongrel by breed it seems to the eyes of the puritanical - Keralite+Jaffenese+Chinese. My take on this is I am built to survive unlike pure breeds that succumb to minor irritants ... I have always pulled through, picked myself up, dusted off and continued forward head held high. This wonderful diversity of ancestry has made me extremely appreciative of the diversity of the planet I live on. Her people might irk me sometimes but in most instances, my breath is simply taken away by the beauty of living

#13: I aspire to someday write something worthy of ink to paper lining bookstores around the world and my own little reading parties ... far from achieving these but dreams are meant to be dreamt and aspired towards ... for now I potter abouts with my blog and poetry ... building the nerve to sit down and actually begin that masterpiece in the waiting.

#14: Truly Blessed! Is how I feel whenever the humanity and compassion of people I know is showered upon me and my family. We were always almost outsiders everywhere, but today my extended 'family' of friends and friends of friends and reminds me constantly that in every turmoil, a lesson is learnt, a new friend found and it's in the willingness to see others as we would others see us that creates unbreakable bonds that carries us through our tough times. If there's 2 people in this world I know would give their lives for me without a pause they are my siblings Thamby and Babs - I love them loads loads loads (you get the picture) even if we can't always agree, another blessing from Big G in the Sky to me :)

#15: I wear my heart on my sleeve, some people take me for a sucker, but I have a theory about the myriad of folks that traverse through my life ... there are travellers, there are tourists, there are migrants and then there are the settlers ... I like them all but my favourite kind are the settlers who have made a home in my heart ... near or far they're always here in my heart :)

Kerpie darling - I pulled this together fer ya ... dunno if any of this makes any sense to anyone ... but if you know .ani, then I guess you'd know what I mean ...

I don't think I know anyone who'd read me blog and then Be It~ed :) ... but if you think you got the guts to try and talk about yourself in 15 honest points to a general mass of either travellers or tourists ... take a shot at it and say I'm It :)

~.ani says to say ... happy Monday and week ahead~


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Akka ani, I knew you’re such a great sport but didn’t expect you to come up with such an inspiring post as this. You heard me right, I feel so inspired by your confidence I sure as hell could learn a thing or two from your vast experience as far life is concerned.

No 3- not too sure about singlehood though. I mean, I am not married!


Gotta run again. Thanks.

nanda666 said...

Great piece!! I guess I might give the #15 points a shot too!!! hehehehe!!!

akuani said...

Kerp: aiya ... me simply old lady only la whenever you free let me know we teh tarik and chat :))

Nanda: Will be looking out for your 'revelations' :))