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22 August 2008

Is It Just Me Or .... Aug 22, 2008

Every year from the kick start of August, there's a frenzy of flags on buildings, on cars, lorries, motorbikes and even the trustworthy bicycle.

This year, there seems to be a dearth in 'patriotism' in Malaysians. There are a few die-hards who have the Jalur Gemilang billowing in the wind as they zoom by on the roads but none of the past years near 'fanatical' level.

Why??? I am wondering ... I mean I think the traditional Petronas advert that will inevitably move you to tears is out already (they have awesome ads I have to admit very inter-racial and diversity appreciating) but the average man on the street does not seem to have been bitten by the fly your flag in national patriotism as Merdeka approaches.

I personally think it's (and I cannot be wrong) people are just too sick of the current Malaysia to even want to wish her Happy 51st Birthday. People are still reeling from the fuel hikes, people are trying to make ends meet with the basic necessities price escalations ... even rice a staple is selling like a rare commodity at mind boggling prices.

The Government tells us to tighten out belts and when will these belt tightening exercises come to an end or any form of relief be provided nobody knows. It seems we are all - let me correct myself - the leaders of this country are so wrapped up in fighting the DSAI "menace" and are so busy trying to dig up dirt on the chap and replay previous played hands ... whilst DSAI and his team are also doing their best to open as many can of worms as they possibly can lay their hands on, it's you and me who are left reeling with everyday some more spirit sapping policies and financial drainers ... that the thought of tomorrow is an unwelcome chore.

In all that negativity, then how is the average Malaysia going to draw up any excitement at the impending birthday of this Golden Girl ... her bright sheen is now sullied with accusations, cross accusations, exposure of corrupts who have cheated the people with empty promises, more suspect candidates come forward making even more hollow sounding promises to already disillusioned masses.

On top of that we have a segment of people who are flying out country's flag upside down. Yes Yes!! we understand this is their expression of a country in distress - everyone knows the international sign of distress is an upside down flag. (AD: I hear you ok, but tell me when you see the JG in a foreign place do you not feel a warm fuzzy feeling that is not otherwise induced???)

But by doing this, who exactly are they expecting to come forward to rectify the situation? Ok given BN is not going to learn any humility despite the narrowly won Parliamentary majority and the fact that slim majority is constantly under threat from the Opposition's fragmented coalition.

Surely we don't expect Uncle Sam and his boys to come rolling in to 'liberate' us are we? Is not this distress the result of our own undoing in sticking to the comforts of status quo than rather progressively voicing out over the years that people are not happy anymore and not buying the government propaganda blindly?

Hence in this distress, we are again left with options, and it is 'US' the you and me to make wise choices or choices that our conscience tells us is what holds the key to a better Malaysia. We did something in March this year as a collective. It's been a rough ride no doubt and a lot of questions have popped up. Some are disheartened, some remain positive better things are about to unfold ... Whatever the case, the 26th August is another milestone for either candidates and more drama to unfold for sure.

I am wondering if it's all this that has made flying the flag this year so much harder ... there is so little joy at the moment. But these is again just from me ... not necessarily agreed by anyone else ...

Happy Weekend ....


denise said...

just a question, how did you move on after you Jacob left?
I sometimes wonder how you have the strength to continue. I find myself in a similar situation, and am wondering whether I should go or stay.

akuani said...

Denise, thank you for coming by. Assume you been reading my stuff to know about Jacob per se.

The only piece of advice I can give you, is only move on if you can face the life ahead on your own.

It's not where I want to be but somethings happened and I guess my principles do not allow me to share my husband, nor do I wish to forever be the 'spare tyre' wife.

It's vital to have family support, and friends who aren't afraid to tell you when you're going off track. It's painful. It takes a long time before you come to terms with what's happened.

From there on - it's about realising your own self worth and that nobody on this earth has a right to take advantage of the trust or love you give them.

Life's transitory, best we live it happily, guilt free and with no regrets when our number is up.

I am blessed with 2 girls who love me despite the fact I am no perfect mommy, but I do give it my best shot for them.

Wish you all the best and clarity of mind and thought as you move forward in making your decisions - but again only do so, if you are sure that this is what you want. If you have doubts and want to still work things out - then working things out first before deciding anything else.

God Bless!

How did I move on? I am still moving on and that's the best way forward ... keep yourself occupied and learn to love who you are, I am still learning :))

anfield devotee said...

with regards to yer question: Not really, no. Coz during me days abroad, the flag was inevitably at places like Malaysia Hous in London (ie read melayu saje). What warms me heart is the smeall of REAL Malaysian food, hospitality Malysian stylie & yes, meeting people who are genuinely happy to meet another Malaysian regardless of colour.

The flag is just a piece of cloth which too many people have placed an inordinate amount of importance. Forgetting what really makes us Malaysian.