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My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

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8 December 2010

Countdown To Home .... Dec 08, 2010

Quite suddenly the very last month of the year is upon us. And Christmas time and closure to another year and the start of another just around the bend.

In another 2 days at this time I will be still airborne crossing over the subcontinent of India and the Indian Ocean and checking the remaining hours till touchdown in KLIA ... homeland my homeland.

I am almost certain I will be glued to the movies and if my calculations are correct I'd manage 3 movies before I have give my headset back.

This time round, I have taken a later flight instead of the 3:30am flight out of DXB I chose to take the 10am one instead hence arriving night in Malaysia - shower and to bed. I remember the last trip home, I'd had some problems with the 4hours time difference - which is not too bad a gap but when I head back to the sandpit I am going in straight to work the next morning ... so maybe continuing to sleep at around 2am Malaysian time might not be such a bad thing I am guessing.

I am wondering what the weather is like at home. Coz here in the sandpit it has gotten to the point where fingers and toes are cold and even the nose feels a tad bit chilled. There's a cold breeze blowing and from the kind of summer we just had, it's all so different now ... that crisp air feeling of winter just magnifies the seasons celebrations and ends and new beginnings.

I've decided that I am going home with a near empty bag and stacking up on all the goodies I can carry back for my cooking adventures upon my return ... maybe even a plant or two of pandan (screw pine leaves) and see if it will grow on my balcony here in Dubai. I found serai (lemon grass) in the LuLu Hypermarket. Some peeled anchovies, some pandan and maybe we might get ourselves a half decent home cooked nasi lemak :) with maybe a prawn sambal (minus the petai) or a beef rendang - food that when you're feeling blue and missing Malaysia ... just even the aroma lifts the spirits. Maybe even a few bags of those dried tofu to make some masak lemak type dishes.

If only I could find a grocery selling Malaysian goodies, I'd be happy. I can find stuff from the Philippines but so far no luck with anything remotely Indonesian or Malaysian. Think a small lesung (mortar and pestle) is the next acquisition ... for our kind of cooking these little things are essentials. Maybe even a rolling pin if I want to start experimenting with some pies and pastries in my oven when I get back.

My brother tells me the girls are excited I am heading home - there's even a welcome home card from Kasha. I know me and the girls have made plans to go watch the 3rd Narnia movie together.

My days at home are going to be pretty full - music concerts, Ashna off to a girl guide camp, get my medicals done, Christmas, preparations for school and then the New Year before heading back.

I am guessing on some days it's going to be crawling on others its going to be a blink and the day is over. But most importantly is being able to share the moments with those I love and who mean the world to me.

Dubai I will be back to kickstart 2011 and I am looking ahead. Looking back and trying to move forward is never a smart thing, coz you miss the pits in front worrying about those you left behind.

I am shedding the past as much as I can and learning every single day that in order to live a full life, one must learn that everything in life is done with some limits because too much of anything even the good then becomes bad.

For more news on my trip back home to my babies and family and loved ones ... Am sure I will be doing a round up year end.

Otherwise here's an early Blessed Christmas and New Year!!

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