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28 September 2009

Should We Also Scoff??? .... Sept 28, 2009

Indonesian Embassy scoffs at War On Malaysia claims. Makes me go hmmmmm ...

Ok if you read that Dailychilli.com's Loony War Plan this morning and then the ambassador's dismissing it as ludicrous. Well ok if you see what their numbers or lack thereof, we too might join in and take it all too lightly and scoff and this ragtag team calling themselves Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendera).

I for one think sometimes in our total Boleh-land fairytales and myths to truth land we live in ignore some very seriously obvious details.

If you read the articles, apparently 10 spies have been sent on a reconnaissance mission to identify landing areas for this attack on Malaysia.

Errrr ok but can I just stand corrected here ... we have about 500k registered Indonesians working in Malaysia the last time such statics were issued - not to mention the fact that in every 4 out of 5 Malaysian households there is at least one Indonesian maid. That coupled with the fact that there are likely several million illegal immigrants, stolen identities and well election provided citizenships ... of a race of people who are forever Indonesians whilst they enjoy their new found 'bumi' status perks we're in quite deep shits me thinks.

Aside also from the fact the number of Indonesian descent politicians we have - one such Mr. Oyot comes to mind, ... should be really be scoffing at such a threat??

I dunno la. Perhaps we like to pretend we're all shiny happy people. And what Beyonce wears is more important than possibly having our throats slit while we sleep in our very posh homes (for those of that stature).. I mean come on how long do you think you can keep stealing from other people before someone decides to say enough with this crap - this is ours and since you like us so much, let's just invade you.

Malingsia - is what they call us in Indonesia ... the Thieves of Asia, and well I come from a very deep rooted ancestry of Indian and Chinese history, my ancestors stole nothing, we're quite proud of what our culture, language and heritage is all about. But then this nomadic pirate type people who suddenly found themselves in a land with potential, displacing the rightful princes of the land the indigenous folks - okay so they don't actually have exciting names like the Native Americans ... I mean how does Jakun and Sakai measure up to gems like Sioux and Cherokee???

Now you have to build a culture to call your own. To legitimise your existence as a 'cultured' civilised' lot .. so what else can one do but first copy, then rewrite all the history books and eradicate the origins of everything. And suddenly we have Malaysia Truly Asia. Then using this learnt culture and credibility you try to lord over the rest of us historically rich people.

Tsk tsk tsk ... this country saddens me. Where is the history that I learnt which made me so proud of how this nation was built. We have only fairytales now perpetuated as truths. Everyday more and more myths become truths, truths erased from the annals of time, to forever never be spoken or made known.

How the Kapitans and the tin miners, the Kangani and the rubber tappers, the merchants and the traders and the men of faith ... oh how they must roll in their graves in such anguish at what we have become today.

So whilst the rest of you scoff, I think I will be a little more vigilant, and if anyone decides they want to send me to Indonesia on work, sorry no go, I have kids to raise. Dying does not make me a hero in your eyes, I will not be martyred because I am not one of you or so you keep reminding me!!

Thieves of Asia sounds so much more appealing ... almost like a Caribbean swashbuckling tale with Bijan and Hamsor in lead roles ... and I can see where some other prominent wannabes will be in this tale.

Am off . I wonder if they'll come to collect me to check-in the hotel someone wants to fill to the brim ... till then, the Bendera chaps might look loony to you, but there's a whole lot more loony happening in this country so don't laugh too much, you might choke on it soon enough.

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