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5 May 2009

Orthodoxy Rocks ... May 5, 2009

We celebrated on the 3rd morning the 25th or Silver jubilee of the ordination of Very Rev. Cor Episcopa Philip Thomas into the priesthood on a sunny morning of 6th May 1984.

That was also the first year that I participated in the Youth Fellowship Annual Youth Camp held in the Methodist Center in Port Dickson. It was the largest YFC I think with such huge numbers from both the Malaysian and Singaporean parishes.

I made many friends at this camp and am happy to say that most of those friendships have stood the test of time and gotten better like fine wine over the years.

So in conjunction with this mini celebrations where Philip Achen was the celebrant of the Holy Qurbana (Eucharist) and a thanksgiving prayer was held in the morning. For the evening, the church committee had mooted the idea of the Orthodox Cultural Fest. This was really a grander scale Sunday School Day presentation with items by the youth, the young adults and the ladies. Somehow the senior members eheheh i.e. the men didn't put up anything - perhaps they were shy eheheh.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I was getting back on stage. Well the Hon. Secretary of the church had asked me if I would be narrator on this play that the young adults (ok ok we uncles and aunties now thanks to having children) were putting up called the Fishers of Men. I said yes. Then some days later he asked me if I would be MC for the evening with another person ... who eventually was another A i.e. Anna ... so he called us the A-team haahahahh idjet he is ...

So we tried to pull a script, and props and practises together ... and on Saturday at full rehearsal, we were all stressed out about the next evening's show.

But I tell you, God is always with us and the evening despite some long prop changes due to shortage of backstage hands ... we finished the show 30minutes ahead of schedule, we rocked the house with the plays songs and skits.

The Sunday School kids were simply amazing and I've decided I've got to make that extra drive up to KL and get my girls participating in the Sunday School curriculum. Otherwise they're going to miss out so much and Orthodoxy is a whole load of fun :)) from what was seen that evening. Just have to budget even tighter then for those extra trips up and the expenses that are incurred.

The Fishers of Men was a megahit haahahah if there's such a term for a church play ... the guys were superb that evening nothing like the evening practises we had in church when I wondered why was I doing this with them. We made a boat, we threw in some contemporary tracks that our community could easily identify with and that's how Chemmeen Express was born ... after endless hours of floor rolling laughter ... we rib tickled everyone that evening.

The guys threw in some last minute moves and I have to say I was soooooooooo impressed with the end result and how the crowd was rolling with laughter ...

Here's a shot of how nutty the guys were ...

And here's the cast and crew after the show with the Chemmeen Express doing a Titanic eheheheheh

I swear Orthodox Church here in Malaysia ROCKS!!! RAWKS!!!! When we put our minds to it and we as submit our actions to God for guidance and blessings ... all will be well!

Our God is an Awesome God!

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