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27 March 2009

Kudos Ambiga ... Mar 27, 2009

I remember googling something else and I saw this in some papers. Didn't seem to find it in any of our local online news ... but then again I wasn't paying attention at that time as I was keenly looking up something else.

But here's our very own Ambiga Sreenevasan, President of the Malaysian Bar Council receiving the Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage at the State Department in Washington DC presented by Hillary Clinton in the presence of Michelle Obama ... what an awesome combination of women with brains and guts and gumption.

But somehow this news was not significant enough to be plastered across the front pages of local dailies ... I mean our Oxford drop out high end prostitute who is a British citizen got more coverage haahahha - ah well you are not surprised anymore in Malaysia are you?

Congratulations to Ambiga, you have done women, Indians and Malaysia proud ...

Some links to read about her and her thoughts
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