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My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

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14 November 2008

When Fathers Aren't Responsible ... Nov 14, 2008

This morning one of the headlines in TheStar was Two Single Moms Turn to Prostitution To Feed Kids. The point that caught my attention was not so much as the irresponsible ex-husbands were not paying maintenance and thus having pushed their cash strapped ex-wives to such desperation.

The point I caught was that in this desperation these 2 women went into the use first pay in installment mode for services rendered. I mean ... WTF is this. The assholes who screw these women have to pay in installments? What is this world coming to????

And those ex-husbands so easy to load up the woman when 'syiok' time eh? Then after that what????? You have no conscience or responsibility towards your children? You can degrade and humiliate the mother of your children into making her in her desperation to turn to the oldest profession to put food on her children's plate and further humiliation is to have to keep an "I Owe You" book on clients???

GAWD!!!!!! Am not even going to go ballistic on one such irresponsible father I know ... wasted breathe!

But looking at how my life is progressing ... I am afraid if I should lose my job that barely provides what the heck am I going to be doing. I mean I have enough pride in me not to succumb to the oldest profession - plus reality is there won't be any takers haahhahaha so set that ridiculous notion aside.

What will ani do??? The possibility of losing my job is as real as it is to wake up every morning and find yourself still alive - you know what I mean?

Am racking my brain to find some idea to make me some steady income. Some suggestions from friends and the 2 highest in the list were
1. write a book
2. use my photos to make money

hmmmmmm one other suggestion which me thinks is feasible is to set up a little import/export type business of marketable items via my contacts globally - am studying this a little more.

The thing that scares me is I have no savings to fall back on and no capital to kick start my ideas. There's a few brewing in me head.

I realise am tired of being a paycheque slave. There's no more joy in working working working just to end up paying paying paying. Lately have been speaking with many entrepreneurially inclined friends ... and there's opportunities abound ... just need to find the right one for me and make the devil may care plunge.

Aiya!!!! Damn slack ... more thinking .ani has to do. And the fact that me back and knees and neck are all in serious degenerative state - who knows when I might lose mobility - then am surely and truely fucked! .... so I got to make me stash for the girls futures while I can still move.

Even if you're just passing through on my blog, if you have any idea, drop me a note/a comment ... am welcoming ideas but nothing illegal please!!!

Because .ani is one of the millions of women worldwide who married an irresponsible man and a totally irresponsible father to his daughters. He can be model son, husband to his mistress, father to his son - but he still ain't being responsible to his 2 earlier born children.

Lucky for him, I AM their mother - I don't keel over and wait to die. Although things are looking shaky in my financial future, I'm already thinking how to recover from this setback. Hit me with good ideas folks ... ani has to get this ship on course ... 2 very special blessings deserve that and much more.

Happy weekend all ....

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Kerp (Ph.D) said...

once you secured a new job only can you start plotting to stand on your own. writing a book would be a good idea but make sure you still stick to your day job la. all the best, akka!