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My spot on the web is essentially a journey along with my monologue ramblings of my coherent mind accompanied by the incoherent thing called life. Read me if you like ... if you don't it is not the end of the world. I am at the very least a believer in humility lifts us further than pride.

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9 September 2008

Varese, Italy Part 2 ... Sept 06, 2008

On the 4th, my sister's oldest friend Aarathi arrived in Varese in her little bread van which was to be used to ferry her mom, 2 aunts and hubby when they all got into Varese. We all herded out to Varese Centro (town) and had ourselves a lovely pizza lunch - we are in Italy afterall and the size of the medium from Pizzahut back home is the size of an individual meal here - hahaah GOD! I have pizza popping outta my ears by now and we're into day 9 in Italy.

The 5th was a last minute dash to the town for this that, everyone here there ... it was crazy ... the momentum for the next evening was building. By this time 5 more friends had rolled into town with their scary stories of totally 2 jaguars within a week :) - yes yes they be all ladies in the car ... but these were some scary stories :)) ...

The whole troop, including Guiseppe, Anna and their son Davide joined us making it 28 very merry happy pre-wedding night dinner with friends that Babs and Tim had organised. It was at a lovely restaurant La Matranella (I think) where the food just kept coming in - here starters or antipasto as it is called is unlimited amounts of pork in every imaginable form of salami, ham, bacon, sausage - if you are a 'paandi' fan - this is heaven for you :)), if it is not, you're in awful lot of trouble trying to get something else more to your palate.

Dinner with a lot of noisy was over around 11pm, and everyone scurried back to get some rest for the next day - the evening had been one of constant intermittent drizzle, and I could see a little worry on the couple's faces as their reception was an outdoor garden event at a Villa.

Cometh 6th morning and the skies are dark, cloud overcast and then by noon there is rain. Tension is a little high now ... the wedding service is at 4pm. Finally with all the house in full frenzy and the Bomberdali Apartment was the bride's home away from home, we managed to get dad into the car, and the flower girls into the bride's car which incidenttaly was a BMW convertible (ehehhe do I see you drool) and we got to church about 15 minutes past 4pm - me thinks Tim might have thought Babs had changed her mind last minute or something.

The Padre who has known Tim all his life often went off the 'scripted' service with his lengthy reminesces of Tim as a boy which naturally was all in Italian - which had some of us non Italian speakers in a blur ...

It wedding was beautiful, and there were several comical moments but after the wedding, it was just simply blessed to see blue skies and happy clouds ... the caterers had brought out their best and it was simply too mouth watering to describe the food that was served during the cocktails before dinner, the dinner itself and the desserts during the cake cutting ceremony post dinner.

Here in Italy, you can invite people to the cake cutting and not invite them to dinner - no one gets offended (I think Asians esp. Indians need to learn this) and the crowd post dinner was even more huge.

There was life band, with the singer Lorenzo (he's played with Bruce Springsteen aka THE BOSS in New Jersey in 2006) and he's a good pass off for Keith Urban maybe even Keanu Reeves (hehehe yummylicious me thought!!) - he sang loads of songs from the 80s and a lot of good numbers that had a lot of people tapping their feet, even jumping in for a jig or two ...

I caught up with Bern and Sergio who drove up from Genoa, enjoyed chit chatting with Hanim, Ann Lee, Cynthia, Amelia and Wendy, Aarathi, Devan and the mom and aunts ... Emanuela was really funny and Sara too ... the Italians do try even if they cannot converse in English.

Irma and Angelo who have been the total darlings in lending their apartment and their car(s) to us, Lele who is an absolute darling even with the Brat Angels (me thinks the girls have got a soft sport for Uncle Lele) - all that chatter in Italian, but even though the language is foreign, the warmth and love from these people has been extremely touching! ... I wish I had spent some time learning simple Italian, to express how much I have enjoyed my days here with them.

~to be continued~

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