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4 July 2008

Government Service Level Jul 04, 2008

GEs are a strange group. I've had to recent experiences with them.

JPN in Putrajaya to get my sister's 'Akuan Bujang' - 20th June, 7:30am in, counter lady answered enquiries, took forms and payment, wrote out reference for collection, officer in charge and collection date 27th June. I was out by 7:55am hurtling to office.

Was tied up 27th so I went 30th, 7:30 am, first to take number, 7:40am collected documents for endorsement at Wisma Putra and was hurtling to office.

WISMA PUTRA: First of all crummy signboards don't tell you where the hell this place is in Putrajaya - you have to figure out Perdana Putra is where you want to head to.

Was advised that 7am they are working after making a call to Wisma Putra. Arrived 7:45am - doors open, guard at reception desk - NO FREAKING BODY to answer questions. You can smell food, no aircon, people are all waiting and there's giggling and chatter behind the screens.

Working hours is stated 8:30am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 4pm Mon-Thurs, 8:30am t0 12noon, 2:45pm to 4pm Fri - clock says 8:30am no sign of life behind the counters.

8:36am finally a life form arrives to dish out numbers - no system whatsoever that works on a first come first serve basis and typical Malaysia is about to stampede.

A Chinese lady sees me looking like a deer in headlights and I have a file in my hand, she takes it and puts it on the counter - apparently the system is who puts the documents out first is first la - like there's no instruction about this anywhere. I manage to get number 1008.

They start calling the numbers. 9:10am I hand my documents in and pay the fee. 9:35am finally it's done and I am off ... I get to office 10:15am, and thanks to the stuffy waiting environment, am feeling feverish and ill ...

Lesson here if you are heading to the Counselor Office, go early and lay your documents on the counter in an orderly manner. That will get you the early bird numbers. If you go to JPN any of the sections, 7:30 shutters go up, people are behind the counters and efficient in handling your questions. After the Marriage and Divorce dept, I went to registration of Births, Adoption Dept. And they were extremely nice and responsive.

Your average government employee is only as efficient and courteous hinging mainly on who the Pengarah or DG is. Those with the right attitude have right attitude staff. Imagine what an image Wisma Putra has created in my mind? Thankfully I don't have to go there again ... at least not for a long while.


Life's Like That said...

Haha Ani! I guess you and a million other M'sians have experienced that with GEs one time or another. Their lackadaisical attitude just gets on your nerves too, don they?

On the other hand, we must also be fair as there are a minority who are really efficient and courteous. I have experienced this b4 in EPF and also immigration. To those, I take my hats off to them for being different in a sea of mediocrity.

Oops, that reminds me I got to go renew my passport soon!

akuani said...

I've to renew my elder girl's mom's and dad's ... sigh - this is going to be some expedition now doubt!