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26 June 2008

We All Want Something Better ... June 26, 2008

OK .. this is the latest on the Credit Card Standoff at petrol stations nationwide. Penang stations have started accepting cards again. I am not sure about Seremban yet - will know tonight ... it's another fill up time for me ...
YA! every 2 days I dish out RM100 .. OUCH!

Anyhows, what I heard on the radio this morning is that the government has agreed to increase the commission of Petrol Dealers from I think it was 7.5 sen per liter to 12.19 sen per liter and also an increase from 4.5 sen per liter of Diesel to 7 sen ...

So petrol dealers are happier. Also petrol station business hours are 6am to midnight unless they have applied for 24hours licenses ... hmmm am trying to think if this affects me in anyway.

Also apparently there's negotiations to reduce/remove the 1% charge that petrol dealers pay credit card companies for per transaction.

Waaaa it would seem that everyone seems to be getting what they want or a percentage of what they want except you and me ... what can we do about this??

Well it's super to see in such trying times, that 3 more ATM machines were robbed of RM600k last night. Ingenious buggers who did the robbery especially the CCTV being painted black ... my question here is wasn't the CCTV monitored? Who the hell is in charge of the monitoring of these CCTVs??

I mean good grief, am sure the bank invests a substantial sum for someone to keep an eye on their ATM machines seeing as you and me could be walking in to withdraw the remaining few ringgits to make till the end of the month and to be welcomed by very eager robbers - eeks! thankfully no one was injured.

How can they get away with 3 ATM machine worth of moolah and no one realise the CCTV was capturing black? What was the reaction or response? Or are we saying we have these fancy CCTVs and we come back later to review the recordings?? ALAMAK!!

The other highlight of the morning was reading the NST front page ... Najib looks terribly uncomfortable now and imagine Rosmah in her full glory giving her police statement? ahahha this is the woman who has no qualms to scream at the Sultan of Selangor (going by RPK's piece on this matter), I am sure the Bukit Aman chaps are being given a taste of local Diva totally bursting out of her imported expensive shoes as she primes herself to be the next PM's wife ... or are those aspirations also fast disappearing seeing as Anwar plans to be PM by September this year.

The lure of power and money is an amazing catalyst to loss of rationale thinking person's ability to see logic. Chuang Toh Huat paid with his life for his addiction to the game of chance. RM90k in losses over 22 men running after a ball somewhere in Europe - how ridiculous is this? But sad fact this sort of high and addiction is going to be on the rise with all this tightening of belts that the government keeps telling us we ought to work on.

Some people are not able to do that. They need lots of money to justify their being and existence, and so we take ridiculous chances. Imagine losing RM90k in one night? I've heard of worse losses also, let me not even start on this.

This like the long queues you see outside the Magnum, Sports Toto and 4D outlets just before a draw - so barriers transcended as hopeful aspiring millionaires line up to buy their carefully put together numbers. I never buy anything unless forced by my dad or brother to go be a part of that line of hopefuls on their behalf. I'd rather keep my money intact that pay these lottery agents to play with my emotions and my cash.

Yet another body dispute. I wonder if all these converts could please put their statutory declarations in place once they make the decision to convert, and more importantly once they have renounced their conversion to also please please make sure you leave your last practised faith clearly marked out some where.

Or else whilst your slowly decomposing mortal remains lay in some coldbox, the pain from your passing will turn to ire and frustration as people continue to tussle over your cadaver! Save those who survive you the added aggravation of dealing with the authorities who for some reason feel that fighting over your now lifeless body is somehow paving their stairway to heaven. There must be roll call book somewhere meticulously kept up todate with how many dead persons they have claimed in the name of religious supremacy.

But in all this drama and tragedy, there was some happy news in the papers today for one Wendy from AirAsia. So we all live in hope things will get better. Our bank accounts will flourish (so long as the ATM robbers don't get to it first)

Is Friday in sight yet??

~.ani get cracking on the day's work now~

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