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23 April 2008

Current Favourite Radio Personality Apr 23, 2008

As you all know, I have this long standing love affair withs radio and since I've never managed to gather the nerve to go apply for a position to be on air, I'm just your average boring IT Project Manager who sneaks in time to blog especially if something captures my fascination.

Over the years I've kinda grown up listening to the English stations in this country. Back when there was only Blue Network or was it Radio 4 first then only Blue Network??

Anyways the point I am trying to make is I grew up listening to Constance Haslam and Patrick Teoh on the RTM English radio station that played all genre. My favourites were those played between 10pm to midnight - the Golden Oldies.

I loved Constance crisp no nonsense style. Patrick you had to take with a pinch of salt. As he grew older he became 'crabbier' but still those were folks who spoke "Powderful England" and who sowed the seeds of my infatuation with radio. They weren't eye candy but they were sharp witty entertaining - it feels like a totally different time - HELL wait a sec IT WAS a totally different time.

Then a few more stations started appearing with English content. I think one of the few was with RJs I got fond off were Time Highway Radio (THR) with the likes of Elena Fernandez, Richard LaFaber, Fly Guy ... I began my radio station calling in. Comedy Tuesdays with Fly Guy, Elena's voice and style was something I felt I could emulate, Richard's wicked streak and puns left me in stitches and I started becoming a recognisable voice to the RJs too. We'd have short catch up type convos if time permitted.

Then Astro took off and offered a few more stations. Fly Guy moved to Hitz and his tie up with Lil Kev took the airwaves by storm. I was hooked. If I didn't have my Fly and Kev servings in the morning, my day was not off to a good start.

If there was one thing that Jacob and I did seem to agree on was our morning dose of these two clowns. I've met Fly in person once and met Lil Kev in person once and both were so damn down to earth that the wackiness they infused to the Morning Crew addicts was quite interesting.

After Jacob's departure, which was also eventually the end of the Fly and Lil Kev partnership on air - everyone eventually moves on I guess to better things ... I used to listen to Light.fm driving to and from work. For some reason, I'd avoided Mix in the mornings although I love the music played on this station ....

Lately in the last 3 years or so, I am totally a Mix.fm addict. I grew fond of Richard Ng and Shazmin and the morning show. I called in so often, sometimes when I did get through Richard and Shaz seemed to have been expecting my call. My voice was also instantly recognised by my friends who also waited to hear if I'd call in with some quirky quip for that day's topic.

In fact even my uncle who listens in while driving to work would text me immediately after he heard my call and we'd have a discussion about the topic hahahaha that was some interesting relation connector :))

My other favourites on Mix were Non and Aldeena - I had long chats with Al. I miss her terribly but she's all married now and happy chasing dreams. I managed to chat after a long time with Al on YM and it felt like old times. I did ring her on her very last hour on Mix and chatted a good 40mins exchanging contact details. I felt so odd without Al on the 8pm to midnight slot, she was my friend on my drives home from work.

Then one fine morning, 3 new voices greeted me on Mix. It took a long long long time for me to get used to Richard and Shaz departure from the airwaves. I grieved and totally refused to listen to Mix in the morning. But then again I figured give the new guys a chance. So there's Ika, Serena and Pietro now ... gotten used to them and started calling in again with quips and stuff and yes ... I am a die hard Mix music fan. The 3 have their own style of madness ...

Non left too ... So did Ross, seems like on Ika and Anu are the pioneers - even then am not sure as Anu crossed over from Hitz.

Then new people came in Sham, Jay, JoJo - am still trying to find that fondness I have for the others in these newbies - its a work in progress no doubts. *am sure I'll get there no offense to the kids, they are doing their best!*

Then one afternoon, at lunch time I plugged my headset on and switched to Mix for some music. Eh? I think this is a new boy on the block. Who this be? I listen to the voice and I think hey I know this voice but who is it. Finally I hear the name - Roshan, oooooooo nice name (in fact it's my favourite nephew's name). As I listen I realise this is the chap who used to read the news - because I remember listening to him a few times and thinking - that's a nice voice. Something mischievous about this person.

Me being the Curious George that I am, I checked the website - aha! there he is ... airbrushed and all he looks pretty cute, but I'd be cradle snatching the boy if I went beyond saying he's cute ... am sure lotsa girls have the hots for this boy.

A little more 'stalking' haahaha Ohhhhh he was formerly on Fly.fm as well interesting, interesting. So I called in one day - now why is Roshan my current favourite? aahha because he's a ManU die hard fan - heeheheheh that's why.

That itself shot him into mega liked category. I've been following him on air whenever time permits (and that's not very often) but he's on at lunch time and so I tune in. He's getting better. I did mention that sometimes he too sarky, not everyone can stomach that ... but he said that's the angle he is working on - ehehehhe well sarky is my domain eheheh so this should be interesting to watch develop... I mean listen not watch.

I did give him a bit of a hard time that he and Jay are always at each other. So I said hey is there something going on we all ought to know about ... cause this love hate thingy always has a strange twist - hahahah you should have heard the denials. I also bet he did turn a couple of shades redder (Roshan don't skat! I still in your fanclub)

So ya, currently got Roshan's learning curve on air being tracked and plotted against KPIs according to ani. Do I get to submit this report to your bosses Roshan??? *wicked grin*. He's got fans even if it's little old ladies like myself - damn I am sure he'd want super hot hootchie mamas as Lil Kev used to say - but you got to start somewhere I guess.

So for now my love affair with radio continues in sporadic call ins. Mayhap I might get the nerve one day to give it a shot. I got the voice (radio presence someone has once said) been mistaken for a RJ many times - like I'd be known as anything but ani on air. This life is full of surprises and untapped potential, it's a matter of wanting it bad enough and going out to get that opportunity.

So Roshan, ManU, music and banter - keep it up kiddo ... am rooting for ya!!

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